My big brother the fatherly Stud

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My brother Brian is a hunk and a star football player, athough we are blood related I alawys wanted his cock spraying my womb with incest baby making cum he had already nailed 4 girls in his Junior class and got them pregnant.i wasjust a freshman but wanted a baby also.I walked into his bedroom one night when mom and dad were gone and sucked his dick until he came in my mouth I swallowed it all and said ” that was yummy Brian I want some cum in my fertile pussy also” but he said the only way he woild fick me was if I got 15 of tbe freshman girls to let him fuck them bareback frist I did not do this… I got him 25 of my classmates to fuck him and they were all Fertile. My brother finally put a baby in me also.Brain had 30 babies by girls in the school before his senior year and 20 of us didn’t mind sharing him his srnior year he graduated with having 50+ babies. Now I am married to the boy I was dating in high school it has been 10 years since I graduated high school. my husband thinks our 8 kids are his but all 8 of them look like their real daddy my loving brother who is the stud of Flimore High school, and the daddy to many of the kids around town. God we all love his cock and the baby msking spurts that cums out of it.Brian has never married and to keep out of troubleso much with the law he says our daughters have to wait until they are 18 to try his cock on for size.yummy I can’t wait until their bellies bulge out

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