Pay your debt or this Bank will take your wife away

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It was a warm spring night, Mathew James sat around the table with his wife Elizabeth , the two men and there wives that owed him money sat silently each sipping a glass of wine. Another wet cold spring, a bone dry summer , then pouring rain day after day at harvest time had made for a disastrous crop for the second year running, any chance the two men had of paying even the interest on the loan to the Mississippi Bank of Burnt Bridge owned by Mathew James had gone, and and any thought of paying off the actual loan was a pipe dream.
Mathew James sat taunting his guests, smiling and shuffling the pile of papers they had signed a year ago,pretending to read them he must have said three times, ” well I need a decision from you now, either the money from the loan and the interest, or the bank will take possession of your plantations on the 1st of the coming month or ,” and he smiled, “or| he said again ,we can go with section 6 of the contract , which will give you another year interest free to pay back the loan. “.
Both the men sat with their eyes closed ,their wives sat next to them, heads down looking into their drinks. Daisy Jefferson spoke, she put her hand on her husbands hand and said in a soft voice “we will except section 6″. ” Ok thats good” said Mathew James, and” Mr Davis have you decided yet”?
“We will as well”, he said , his voice cracking as he looked at his wife Amy, his lips moving in silence as he apologized to her.
” Good ,good” said Mathews banging his hands on the table, looking over his shoulder he called out to the pretty little black house slaves , “come here you three” ,” Lily, get champagne from the ice house, Mary bring my dear friends here clean glasses and Sissy tell cook we will be ready for dinner in 30 minutest.” Looking at his wife he said” Elizabeth my dear would you be kind enough to take Mrs Davis and Mrs Jefferson with you and don’t dilly dally he said laughing.”
Mathew James excused himself and went out onto the veranda , Bernard one of his trustee white overseers sat in the chair looking at some of the slaves children playing down by the creek . Bernard stood up ” Sir ” he said .
“Were going to have ourselves a fun evening in Bernard ” Mathews said, “is everything ready ” “Yes Sir “said Bernard , “everything we planed and I think maybe more” . “More” said Mathews, “and what you mean what by that”. Bernard turned and looked towards the playing children by the river. “That tall girl looking after the two little ones by the rushes, thats Beths eldest, I asked her a couple of weeks ago how old Becca was was and she said 12 , but today I was looking at your Fathers record book of births and deaths, bought and sold , and young Becca there is almost 15 , so I was thinking maybe it’s time to get Beth and Becca up to the shed tonight, Beth needs to taste the whip for lying and Becca has just about got into her prime breeding period, that new darkie you got from New Orleans has been pestering some of the women so I hear , so last night I had him drop his pants and Martha sucked the boy , fuck Sir he is as big round as your arm and as long as my leg ” he said laughing. ”
Mathew James walked away laughing , by the time he got back to the dining room the champagne and dinner was on the table, the three pretty little house maids stood against the wall. “is that how you normally dress to serve dinner ” he said , and immediately the girls shucked off their dresses, standing naked waiting for further orders.
The door opened and in came Elizabeth James, her body shimmered in the candle light, she had been covered in sweet smelling oils ,she wore a small see through white silk gown hardly long enough to cover her shaved cunt , her breasts were large and firm her hard nipples pressed against the flimsy material. ” You look gorgeous” said Mathew James getting up and striding across the room to kiss his wife, grabbing her bottom with both hands , she let out a little squeal as he squeezed her butt cheeks , she threw her arms around his neck and whispered something to him, and he laughed.
He escorted her across the room to her seat next to his, “where are our guest ” he said smiling at her, she laughed,” there there somewhere I think there shy” she said . “Mrs Davis, Mr.Jefferson” Mathew called out , “my dinner is getting cold hurry up please”.
The two women slowly came into the room, they were wearing the same flimsy nightwear as Elizabeth, Mrs Jefferson, slightly dumpy with large hanging breast slowly crossed the room with a slim small breasted Amy Davis behind her, as if she were trying to hide. They both sat down next to their husbands, there faces as red as the rouge they wore on there lips.
Mathew called the house slaves over to serve the dinner the naked girls served everyone and stood looking at Elizabeth. She pointed at the prettiest of the three Lily, and the girl immediately crawled under the table positioning herself between Elizabeth James’s feet. A small aagghh came from Mathews wife’s lips as the girls tongue began to lick her cunt lips, searching for her clitoris to suck on, Mathew pointed at Amy Davis and then at Mary, no no don’t cried Amy Davis, don’t do that to me”.
Michael she screamed at her husband stop them stop them there mad, I won’t let them do that to me it’s disgusting. Mathew sat looking at Michael Davis , control your woman Mr Davis, or get up and go home, but which ever you choose do make it quick decision please. ]
Davis grabbed his wife by her hair, shut up, shut up he shouted spitting on her face, shut the fuck up, you knew what was going to happen you signed the fucking contract, NOW SHUT UP, and open your fucking legs.
Tears were running down her face and when Mary began licking her cunt Amy Davis let out a scream and grabbed the girls hair trying to pull her mouth off her cunt, but the girl under the table slowly undid Amy’s fingers before pushing her hands away and going back to enthusiastically licking her cunt.
Mary knew that there would be added food from the kitchen she could take home to her family if she made the stupid white woman climax, she also knew that if she didn’t there would be a very good chance she would feel the masters riding crop across her buttocks before she went home that night.
Sissy the other girl knew what to do, she didn’t wait to see Mathew James point at Mrs Jefferson, she was on her knees and under the table pushing Mrs Jefferson’s thighs apart with all her might. When the woman didn’t ope her legs Sissy grabbed a handful of her cunt hair and began to pull, Daisy Jefferson cried out in pain she could hear Sissy saying “open them ,open them”, and one more tug on that curly hair convinced Daisy Jefferson to open her legs wide enough to let Sissy get her mouth on her cunt.
Mathew James looked around the table, OK he said, now we are all settled lets eat ,drink, and be merry, it’s going to be a wonderful night tonight I know., just like Christmas.

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