Becoming a Gurl

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I am a lifelong CD, back when I was 14, I dressed every chance I got in secret. My parents worked so summer was perfect for me to wear my mother’s clothes. Since her clothes were a perfect fit for me, I would try on everything, and on occasions I would get brave wearing one of her wigs and go outside, on one of these times I walked a couple of blocks. I was in heaven. I was wearing this wrap around dress that the breeze would blow open the skirt. Exposing my stockings and up to the panties. What I was not aware of this guy took an interest in me. He followed me home, I had just walked in using the backdoor when the doorbell rang. Without thinking I answered the door. There stood this man of about 40 with his pants zippered down, he said you are cute, very sexy showing off those sexy legs. Before I could say a word, he pushed past me. I asked who are you he replied I am your new boyfriend. He walked in, backing me and closing the door, then grabbed my shoulders, he tried to kiss me, He stood about 6′ and I was 5′, he kept sticking his tongue into my mouth, I didn’t realize it but he was hiking up the dress on my legs. Once he had exposed the panties, he hugged me tight, caressing my ass, He then took his other hand off my back and slide it between us and he fished his dick out. I could feel it pushing into me around my stomach. That is when I realized I was allowing him to kiss me in earnest. I remember thinking I am a woman. Then he stopped kissing me and he led me to the sofa, he sat me down and stood in front of me so that I could see his extremely hard dick. It looked so large today I know that it was about 7″. It had pre-cum on the tip, he told me to lick it off, I lean forward and stuck out my tongue I did it and it was so sweet. That was when he placed his hand behind my head and told me to open my mouth. He pulled me forward and his dick went between my lips, he said suck it now, I was clueless but tried, it took a bit, but I figured it out and he fucked my mouth. He undid his belt then dropped his pants, pushed me back and lowered his underwear. He then said now baby do it. His balls were big and very heavy. Well I got back to sucking him. I was loving it, after about 5 minutes of me sucking his dick he said I am close, do not slow down. It was at that exact moment my mother walked in from the garage, through the kitchen and into living room, she yelled what the hell is going on here, I pulled back and this guy shot his full load across my face, wig, and dress. Some of his cum landed in my mouth, I could not help but taste it and swallow it. My mother went nuts, yelling at him, then at me until she saw it was me. He pulled up his pants and ran out the front door, she just stood there looking at me. She finally said are you my son or daughter? She had me stand up and she untied the dress and looked at what I was wearing, those are all my clothes. She took my hand and lead me to her master bath, she grabbed a hand towel and wiped me clean. She then sat me down on her bed. She said now tell me the truth. How long have you been wearing my clothes? I told her since I was 8. Do you like being a girl? I said yes, do you wear anybody else’s clothes? Yes, I listed her sister my aunts, and I told her about the clothes off the clothesline around the neighborhood. She then asked who knows about you? No one has ever seen me until today. She asked how this happen, so I told her. She said well if you are walking around like me a lot of cars have seen you. You do look a lot like me. Now how did this man get in our house? I explained it in detail to her. She asked do you like being kissed like that. I said not at first but yes it felt good. She let out a sigh. She then asked do you know what you were doing to him when I walked in? I said not sure. Do you know what he sprayed on you? I said I think sperm. Yes, that is what he covered you in. Have you done anything else with anyone? No, I have not. She told me to go change. When I came out, she was in the living room. She told me to sit next to her. She took my hands and looked into my eyes. I am not mad at you; your father will not know about this. You dress when we are away? I said yes. For now, keep wearing my clothes. But no more going outside dressed like me unless we are together. I will work with you to be more lady like. How to walk, how to sway your hips, doing your make-up. I will get you some girl clothes of your own soon. She then pulled me in and kissed my cheeks and said let us see what a good name for you is, I spoke up and said Francesca, she said yes, I like that one too. So, going forward I was her daughter in private. As the months went by, she did teach me. I could become very passable in a short time. In her instructions there were some lessons about being with a boy. That some boys will not accept me and could hurt me. That adult men like the one she found me with would take advantage of me if I allow it. Then came the one lesson that I was waiting to hear and feared also. She used a hairbrush handle which was slender and round to insert it into my butt. I found I liked it. She used different items making them bigger as we moved forward. Something that surprised us both when she was using a mortar handle which was thick, I not only got hard, but I had a full release without touching myself. We worked on how to tuck my dick between my legs to give me a smooth look. I had to sit to pee. She made sure I knew how to use a public Woman’s restroom, and no one know I was a boy. This came in handy on a shopping trip with her one morning. I had to go bad and I was completely dressed up in flat shoes, skirt and blouse. It was fun to listen to real women peeing next to me. Something I still enjoy today. Well in the fall I returned to school. I was assigned the afternoon shift since Seniors & Juniors had Mornings. Sophomores had the middle shift, and Freshman’s had the afternoon shift. I did not have to be there until noon. I could dress every morning to a degree since I had to leave by 11:30. By October I had it down I would get up at 7:30 and be in skirt and blouse or dress by 8, take a shower at 10:45. Then on a Monday my first class teach told us she would be out on the next day, that we could go to the library if we wished, but to be at our 2nd period class on time. I knew right away I had extra free time to dress and maybe do more. My parents left at 6:45 I got up as they left. Picked out a really sexy dress of my mother did my make-up, matching bra, garter belt and panties with stockings with the rear seam up the leg and 4” high heels and her shoulder length wig. By 7:45 I was ready I walked out the back door and down the sidewalk, cars would drive by some would honk their horns, couple of whistles. Then this big Chrysler pulled up and opened the door, the driver was a man in his 40s like the last guy asked if he could me a ride. He asked me where I was going? I said to the Drug store. Well I can take you. I climbed in. He had not driven 2 blocks when his hand was on my leg. You are very lovely he said. I said thank you. He said how about we stop by the park. I said I like that. He headed over to the local public park and parked in the last parking lot. He then said how about we get in the backseat. I just smiled and said lets. He jumped out and opened the rear door and held the front door for me to slide out, he got a good look at my legs and tops of the garter belt straps. He took my hand helping across and out and into the backseat. No sooner than he sat down he pulled me in and kissed me. I figured why waste time I reached with my right hand and touched his crotch. He was getting hard under my fingers. I started lowering his zipper and freed his dick. It was fully erect and pulsating. I broke the kiss and lean forward taking int into my mouth, he was yes, baby, he started to caress my ass. It did not seem to matter how hard I sucked and stroked him he did not cum. He lifted my face up and told me to lean over the front seat. He lifted the dress and reached pulling the panties down. I didn’t want him to see my secret so
I reach between my legs and lifted my dick up out of sight then I lowered my hips onto his dick and reached in and guided his dick into my ass then I sat down shoving it into myself. He was like dam your tight. He held my hips and raised me up and down. It did not take awfully long, and he blew his load into me. He just kept saying I am cumming. I was moaning yes fuck me baby. I stayed on him until he got smaller and slipped out of me. I got off him and sat next to him then I leaned in sucked him clean. He said Oh my god no one has ever done that for me. Dam it feels good. He got hard again, and I kept at it until he filled my mouth. Once done we climbed out and he took me back to where he had picked me up. I kissed him goodbye and got out. He drove off I could feel the cum oozing out of me into the panties. I was feeling so good. Once inside I had change into a blouse and shorts. The panties had to be rinsed out. Once I did that, I hung them outside. I was still horny and sat down and stroked until I got my release. I went on showered, cleaned myself up and returned the clothes back and checked the panties they were still moist. Well time had gone by I had to get ready for school and left. Forgot about the panties outside. Well the afternoon went by I headed home and found my mother waiting for me. I walked up to kiss her cheek and she said flatly why were my panties on the clothesline outside. I had forgotten. I was busted so I told her the truth and what I did as she listened. Well guess I should have known you were going to experiment. Did he hurt you. No. Did you enjoy it. Yes, I did. Are you bleeding? No. If you are going to keep doing this, I am going to be worried sick about you being safe. She took hold of my hand and lead me to the bedroom. She sat me down still holding my hand. She finally spoke very softly almost trembling in her voice. We have not talked about sex in general. It is very pleasurable and can give great joy. I always thought your father would have this talk with you, but since you are more of a daughter to me, I will speak like if you are a girl. Well you cannot get pregnant which is a good thing. But there is disease out there that you can catch from sexual transmission. You will feel burning when you pee. Some you will not know you have it until it has progressed and may be hard to cure. They can kill you if left untreated. So, any burning, strange odor, hard to pee, warts in your genitals you must tell me right away. Now if you are with someone and they smell bad unclean just do not have sex with them. You can get these diseases from oral sex too. I am sure you have heard some girls being called Good girls and Bad girls. Men have all kinds of jokes about this. Like good girls give and bad girls do not. Or good girls stay home, and bad girl’s go everywhere. You are somewhere in between the way people see things. Buys who sleep with a lot of girls are considered to be studs. Boys who don’t are looked down upon by their peers. Yet once a girl starts to sleep around, she is called a slut, a whore or just plain cheap. Before your father I had sex with one boy only. He does not now about it that is our secret do not ever let that out. Your Aunt slept with so many boys I lost count after 10 or so. She still sleeps around to this day. She could care less who knows what she does. I prefer to keep my business as my business. What you do in the bedroom is your business how you let your hair down and what you enjoy is no body’s business. If your partner does something you do not like tell them it’s your body. The older you get the more this will make sense to you. Now for the flip side of this talk. You will find a girl that you like will want to have sex with her. That white cream that comes out of you is sperm. That will get a girl pregnant and she will have a baby. Now she will not get pregnant automatically from you just shooting your sperm in her. It takes a bit of everything coming together for a girl to get pregnant. Her body is rejecting your sperm. But your sperm has what most call swimmers who will try to swim upstream to reach her egg and fertilize it. When they reach it then she will become pregnant. The best way to avoid this is not to have sex. Which most teenagers will say No to. The second option is a condom, you may have heard them called rubbers. They go on your penis and catch your sperm in the tip to avoid the girl getting pregnant. There is a pill a girl can take once every day to keep from getting pregnant. But she must be 18 to get the pill. Something I forgot to mention condoms will protect you from diseases. There are other forms a girl can use but those are the main ones. I am sure your father will decide to speak with you one day about all of this just pretend like he is giving you great information and its new to you. Now I have been doing some reading. I found that you can take hormones and grow breasts like me. It will also change your body to give you hips and rounder butt. Make your skin softer and prevent that bump in the throat boys get. It will also slow down your hair growth on your face and legs. A possible side effect is that you may not get hard as easily as you do now. The final thing that can be done is called a sex change operation they cut off your penis and create a woman’s vagina. So, you would be like me down there fully. And men would use you like a woman. For these hormones to have a greater and much more transformation the sooner they are started the better. If you wait until you are more mature your male hormones would have changed you into an adult man. If we start them now, we can slow that down and accelerate towards female body. These are not cheap and hard to find. I did locate a clinic in Denver that will supply them. We must go see a local doctor to approve you taking them. I spoke to my sister about all of this. I said she knows about me. Yes, and she said it did not surprise her she always knew you took interest in her clothes. She asked me if you had worn hers. Have you worn hers? Yes, I have a few times. She is willing to pay for all these hormones and in exchange I will make her some custom dresses and curtains for her house. You would do that for me? I could be a girl? Really, I cannot believe it. Well your father is not going to be happy with all of this. You may end up living with my sister. Think about it we can talk more later. Well I did think about it. I came to a difficult choice, I turned her down for starting the hormones and having the sex change operation later. I did tell her I would like to spend time living with her sister. My mother was very understanding and thankful for my choices. She spoke to her sister about me staying over there during my summers. She was happy to have me. Her exact reply was sure send her over I will make a woman out of her. But that is a different story. My mother’s support though it all allowed me to become who I am today.

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