A past secret sex with Uncle

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When I was 12 I was very hyper sexual I guess. I am female by the way. I started masterbating at a very young age and was always curious about sex. Although I feel I am normal now I have a deep dark secret in my past. My dad was transferred when the school year was still going on to another job and my parents decided to leave me with my aunt and uncle until school was out. My aunt was a per diem nure and was gone working nights on occassions. One night there was high winds and tornado warning and at some point I got up and asked my uncle if I could lay down with him. He allowed it and at some point I found myself cuddled against him and horny. I started dry humping against his body and at some point he told me I should go back to my own bed.
i did but later the tornado sirens went off and I ended up going laying back down with him after they silenced again. He had placed a pillow between us but it was a matter of time and I was next to him. This time I was not only dry humping against him but my hands found his rock hard dick and I started stroking it. He was then rubbing me between my legs and it wasnt long before I had cum on to his fingers. I had just started masterbating maybe a month before and I was horny and loved the feeling. After he felt me cum he got up and when he came back he placed a towel under me and took my pantys down and then got on me and fuked me. I managed to cum again while he was pumpin away. I no alot girls say it hurts first time but there was pressure but more pleasure then pain. This happened basically the same way 12 times with me always going to him and him fukcin me basically after I jerked him offf and got his dick hard. I no he shouldnt have because he was the adult but I still dont blame him as much because I was so pushy. Currently, I am very cold to them both even though my aunt is such a kind person. However, I cant seem to forget about it and it is obvious he shares some guilt today. We have recently moved back to the area and am now involved in family things. Do you think I should pretend it never happened and be civil or what. Oh yes I was 12 when all this happened and am now married and 24. What do you all think ?

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