Wedding Night

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He didn’t ask, he just did it, and after the little kids were tucked in there beds, I went back down to the den. To see what the boys were up to, which was watching an infomercial, for Girls Gone Wild.
You know the one? 30 minutes of drunk college girls dancing around drunk, and playing bi-curious for the cameras. Blurry blocks over their nipples when their tee-shirts got wet, or their bathing suits got pulled out of the way, to shake there boobs together.
“Uh, you know what girls do, when they get married?”
“Shit,” Joey’s friend, Dave turned around on the sofa, and crossed his legs. “I thought she was in bed.” Hiding his boner, obviously, but then Joey got up, and he had a bulge in his pants, too. “It’s okay,” he told him, then asked me, “Why don’t you show him?” then went to the TV, to switch it over to Aux, and turn on the VCR.
So, I giggled, and ran back to the basement door. The den was downstairs, with the basement, but it was in front of the hill. So, it had windows, but behind that, we also had a basement under the stairs. Where they kept the air conditioner, and the water heater, there was a spare room for boxes, and old furniture, like our crib, and baby beds.
Even the littlest one was in a real bed now, so they were all just stacked up against the wall, with the crib folded up, and the play pen, but mom had her wedding dress up on the Last. That’s like a my size Barbie doll, only just the body with no arms, and knobs in the back you could twist to make it spread apart down the middle. The boobs stick out, and also separate hips, or move the post stand higher for the exact right size.
My grandma got it, to make her prom dress, which was hanging up in a garment bag under the shelf. So in a way, it was like a great big walk in closet, but you couldn’t sleep in there, it wasn’t safe. The hot water heater, and the gas for the air condition could fill it up with carbon monoxide, so you’d wake up dead, and orange from poisoning. I saw a warning on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poison once, but they just painted them orange, and turned on orange lights, to pretend to be dead. It wasn’t for real.
So anyway, I went right for the plastic bag, over the wedding dress, and carefully lifted up the bottom to get in the box. It smelled of moth-balls, so the dress didn’t get eaten, but we left the video right on top. I just checked the label, to make sure I got the right one, but it said [Honeymoon] so I ran back quick, before the boys lost their boners.
He popped it in, and somebody must’ve been watching it without me, because it was ran back to before my favoritest part. “Wow,” Dave looked right at me. “Your mom looks so young.” Turned around with her arm up, so she could unzip the side of the dress, and show her bra.
“Well yeah.” Joey sat back down on the couch behind him, but neither one of them looked away from the TV, and now dad was kissing her neck. From behind, his hand slipped in the zipper, and you could see his fingers, squeezing the cup of her white lacy bra. She still had that too, but she couldn’t wear it any more, because it was 32B, and now she’s up to 38C from having us kids, and breast feeding us.
“They got married, right out of high school, and grandaddy.”
“That’s our grandfather on mom’s side.” Joey filled him in.
“Oh yeah. He saved up for college, but mom skipped all that, and went right to being a house wife, but she took home-ec, and stuff, in high school.” I nodded.
“He spared no expense,” Joey went on, “and they even had a cameraman, with a video camera. Which is why this looks so professional.”
“Your mom,” Dave looked at me again, and I could see the lust in his eyes, but by now. Dad hand slipped the side of the dress down, so mom could pull her arm out, and undid her bra strap. I’m barely even up to A cups, so it’ll be a long long time before I get to wear that bra, or either dress. I’m only in middle school, but especially the prom dress, because it’s strapless, and low cut. She only has pictures of that, because her dad didn’t go to all the trouble to send a cameraman with her, to the prom.
“She made a porno on her wedding night.” I nodded, “She was already 18, but our dad worked it out with the cameraman, so he wouldn’t charge them, and.” That’s how grandaddy never found out about it.
“Huh!” Dave looked back at the TV, and his mouth hung wide open, he was so shocked. To see the camera pointed straight down, and one hand pulling his belt out, while mom got down on her knees, topless, and rubbed the front of his pants.
Dad was behind her, hugging her, and squeezing her boobs together, in both hands, but she still had the dress on. Just pushed down, so her boobs were bare, for dad to hold them, and squeeze them together, while she helped the cameraman get his pants open, and his big hard on out.
Then, she stuck it in her mouth, and sucked on it, nodding her head so it fucked in and out of her tight lips, and her cheeks sunken in, so you could see it bulge between her teeth when dad took the camera, and taped it from the side.
“Don’t worry, she wasn’t like, a virgin or anything.” Joey said helpfully. “She just didn’t tell grandma, when she made the dress.”
“Yeah, that’s why it’s still virgin white.”
“Huh!” He looked down at me, as soon as I touched the front of his pants, but he didn’t pull back, or anything.
“I am.” I lied, smiling up at him, and rubbing his boner, carefully.
“Still a virgin.” I looked down, shyly to hide the lie, but also to find the flap of his fly, and dig out the zipper pull.
“Huh,” he looked back at Joey, who already had his boner out. “You’re okay with. This?”
“Yeah, go right ahead, don’t mind me.”
“You’re just going to watch?” He shook his head, but I reached up, and turned him back, to look at me. My fingers already in the zipper, and feeling for the flap of his underwear.
“He said don’t mind him.” I nodded. Shook my head, and turned it, a little sideways. Close my eyes when he turned the other way, and leaned down, to kiss my lips, then spread them when I stuck my tongue out. Licked them, then his teeth, and then his tongue when he finally stuck it in my mouth.
“Uh,” Joey interrupted when we finally got his pants open, his underwear down, his balls, and boner out. “You better put a rubber on, we don’t want her getting pregnant.”
“Let me,” I took it from him, while Dave dropped his pants, and pulled his feet out, but turned away so my brother couldn’t see it. “I always wanted to try putting one on a real live dick,” I lied again, while his back was turned. His shirt hung down, to cover up his butt, but it rode up on one side, when he pulled his leg out, then the other.
“You’re really going to just sit there, and watch?” He looked back, but Joey got up, and waddled over to the door. With his pants down, so he made baby steps.
“No, you 2 can have the couch.”
“Yeah, you better lie down, so I can get these clothes off.” I turned around, with my back to Joey, so he could help me with the buttons, down the back of my dress. “Don’t jerk off, too early.” Dave let go, so his boner tipped over, and rested up against his hairy thigh. “Save it for me.”
Joey got the dress open enough to pull it up, over my head, so I was standing there in my underwear. I looked down, remembering that I put on the plain cotton bra, and panties, because i didn’t even know that Dave was cumming over tonight, after mom, and dad left. To visit friends, I wondered who mom was doing right then, but I’d gotten to see the letter they got.
From the couple of bisexual men that they’re going to see, have group sex with, and the photos of them. Polaroids of them taking turns, undressing, and holding the camera, just like dad took the video camera from the cameraman, while he fucked mom, on her wedding night. Of course, they didn’t stop there, but mom likes sex. Expecially group sex, and the more men the better. Dad knows that, and I’m not sure whether or not he’s going to go through with it this time, but I can just imagine.
Those 2 hairy tanned muscular men, getting naked, and my dad, getting hard. Watching mom fuck one, and suck the other, maybe he’ll get a little bi-curious? I doubt he’ll go so far as to take it up the butt, his first time, but he might fuck one of the guys, while the other has his way with mom.
“Huh!” Too bad they don’t have a cam-corder, to make videos, so we can watch them when they get back, but I’m neglecting Dave now, and I’ve never been with another boy before, but my brother’s not jealous, at all. He knows the deal, because we worked it out, months ago. If we ever get a chance to do this, with another boy, he’ll just watch, and then we can fuck, like we always did, after he’s gone.
With a rubber, of course. He’s right, I don’t want to get pregnant, especially in 5th grade, and extra especially with my brother, because that would be incest. That means birth defects, so the babies would be born looking all Amish, and nobody wants that, but also. Being the only girl in the whole elementary school that’s pregnant, somebody’s going to notice, and start asking questions. The last thing we want is for him to get in trouble, and go to jail, for having sex with me so young, so it’s our great big secret, but Dave.
He doesn’t have to know that, any of that. “Uh, fuck!” I barely even got it inside me, before it twitched, and he made this face that was so funny, I just had to laugh. Which made me flutter inside, and my pussy lips slip down, deeper until he was all the way inside me, but already gone soft. “Huh, did you, cum too?” He finally looked me in the eyes, and I nodded.
“Yeah, could you feel it?” I lied, because all he could feel was me laughing at him, for finishing early, and making such a funny face, but he nodded.
“Yeah.” He slipped out, and I shivered, from the feeling of the rubber bunching up, and wrinkling when it shrank, and slipped out, but it didn’t squeak inside me, this time.
“Huh!” I turned around, and sat back, “That was wonderful!” On the sofa next to him, while he pulled his pants up.
Joey already had his fixed, and he said”Come on man.” Patting him on his back. “You better go home.” So, we could be alone, and finish what he started, but he just nodded.
“Yeah.” I got my fingers inside, to stay loosened up, and get closer to an orgasm, but not too close. While he walked Dave up the stairs, and to the front door.
“Uh?” I turned to look over the back of the sofa, at my little sister, at the bottom of the stairs.
“Are you okay?” She came around the side, but I slipped my fingers out, and pulled the crotch back over before she saw me.
“Fine?” I fixed my bra, to jiggle back into the cups.
She giggled, “You’re on TV!” Pointing.
“Huh, no. That’s mom.” I shook my head.
“Who’s that boy she’s playing leapfrog with?”
“Well, it’s a long story,” I got up, and stopped it with the remote. “I’ll tell you all about it when you’re a little older.”
“Don’t be sad.” She held her hands up. So, I picked her up, and she held onto my hips with her legs.
“Uph!” She’d gotten heavy. “I’m not sad.”
“Then why were you crying?” She shook her head, confused, then yawned.
“Huh, I wasn’t crying, I was, just.” trying not to moan too loud, so it must have sounded like sobbing.
“Okay,” I carried her up the stairs, and spotted Joey peeking out around the corner, to the living room. Waved him back, and went down the hall to the girl’s room. “Well, do you know what a woman does, when she gets married?”
The video had been running so long that the wedding dress was off, and they were naked. The cameraman bent over, with his knees up beside mom, so I guess if you’re young, and ignorant enough, it looked like he was trying to play Leapfrog. You couldn’t see his dick inside her, with his leg in the way, just mom’s hands covering her boobs to hold, and squeeze them, shaking with each thrust.
“Huh!” she yawned again, when I put her down. Pulled the covers over, to tuck them in. “They have babies.” She nodded, then her droopy eyes went wide, and she gasped in a deep breath. “Huh! Is that what mommy was doing with that man?” She giggled, “He had his peepee in her whoha!” Okay, I guess it’s good that you couldn’t see from that angle, but she took him up the ass. I just didn’t tell her that, right away.
“Who?” Jerry rolled over, and sat up, on his elbow. “Who was mommy screwing?”
“Well,” I turned around, and sat down, “It’s a long story.”
“She never said that she was married before, did they get a divorce?”
“Yeah,” Jerry sat up all the way, “Is her first husband you, and Joey’s real dad?”
“No, not at all, can you just shut up a minute, so I can hear myself think?”
They both sat up, and nodded. Wide awake, and waiting to listen, patiently.
“Huh, well. Okay, I guess I better go back to her prom night. Mommy and daddy didn’t go to prom together, but there was this place under the stage, where couples could go, and they saw each other under there, with their dates.” Mom finally told me, and Joey all about the way they met.
“Like an orgy?” Jerry was 8, going on 13, so he heard all kinds of stupid unbelievable stories from his friends, because you know how boys talk. They lie, so if you ask any 12 year old boy, with a little fuzz on his balls, he’s already been with a hundred women, twice his age.
“What’s a orgy?” Jill was only 6 years old, though. So, I had to put it a better way, for a little girl’s ears.
“It’s a big sex party, where everyone does it with everybody!” Jerry was real excited, and talking loud now. “Boys with boys, and girls with girls. If they’re bisexual.”
“What’s bisexual?”
“You better let me explain it.” Joey finally came in, in his pajama bottoms, and I had a sigh of relief. He was the oldest, after all, and the most experienced. To hear him tell it. “Some boys like other boys, and some boys are normal, so they just like girls. Then, there’s a few that like boys, and girls, so if a bunch of them get together, they can all have sex.”
“Yeah, otherwise there just Swingers, or Cuckholds.” Jerry interrupted.
“What’s that?”
“Huh!” I got up, “I need a shower.” So, I left them to it. I was in there, rinsing all the lube from the rubber out, and the sex sweat from my hair when i decided. You know what? I don’t even want kinds now. It’s not just what having us did to mom’s body, I mean yeah. She’s got big old cum catchers, she can squeeze around dicks to fuck, and shoot all over her neck. That looks fun, but they also got saggy, and sweaty, with wrinkles from her stretch marks, and she has back problems from being so petite.
Like me, but unlike her, I’m still young, and perky. I’ve got enough for a handful, if a boy has bigger hands, but they’re not so big that most of it goes to waist, and really, the main thing is having to go to all this trouble. So, they don’t find out to much about sex, before there old enough to get it, and want it like I did. In second grade, because we got into the wedding box, and found the Honeymoon video.
“Huh!” Maybe it’s too late for Jill already, she saw it, and now the cat’s out of the bag. I know it’s too late for Jerry just from all the dirty jokes i hear from his middle school horndog buddies.
“Huh!” I just realized, he must be bisexual, to talk about it, the way he did. Not that it’s a bad thing, I mean, that’s practically all he wanted to talk about, when I just wanted to cover the basics with Jill, before he woke up, and interrupted.
It’s just, so complicated, and confusing, even if you don’t throw in stuff like children, to make it even harder, so you have to hide the dirty magazines, blue movies, and invitations to sex parties from them. That’s where mom, and dad fucked up, they tried to hide them, but we found them anyway. So, i started asking questions, and digging even further. Pestering my big brother to show me, and now I was doing it with his friend Dave while he watched, and that was.
Okay, kinda hot, and it’s not too hard to imagine having a husband, like our dad, with him to practice with, but not Dave. He’s too repressed, and he probably thinks it’s home, just to let another boy see his dick, let alone get hard, or watch me getting gangbanged when we’re married.
“Huh!” Oh, you know what? I just realized, that i don’t actually have to get married for gangbangs? How could I be so stupid, of course not. Maybe I just need a boyfriend, or bisexual boyfriends, so they don’t have to watch, and wait for the other guy to leave, to take their turn.
“Yeah.” Now, I just have to figure out what one of Jerry’s friends is bisexual, or gay? “Oh, no.” He’s probably just gay, and that’s why he let’s Jerry hang out with him, to molest him? You got to admit, that it’s a little weird, hanging around with a 3rd grader, telling jokes, and bragging about getting some pussy. Like 7th, and 8th graders get pussy every week, I bet they just jerk off, thinking about it, but you know.
Maybe they’d like to, do me, and even if they are so small, and hairless, if you put enough of them together…
“Yearh, huh!” It’s late, and I better get some sleep. If I’m going to cook breakfast for everyone, with mom spending the night with dad, and those bi guys in their apartment.
Joey’s still in there, talking to the kids.
“Well, what about sucking it, you ever suck it before?” Jerry, the little horn-dog.
“None of your business?”
“Well, I have.” He bragged, proudly.
“Huh!” I stopped to listen, and thought about sticking my head in, to ask him, who?
“Well, all right. You know that doesn’t make you gay.”
“No, being gay makes me suck dick.”
“Well, what about kissing a girl, in the whoha?” The youngest piped up. “You ever did that?”
“No,” he lied, but I was tired, so I just went to bed.
This is wrong, on so many levels, but that’s what makes incest/family gangbangs so exciting. Because it’s sick, but the narrator wasn’t aware of it. Even as she was being exposed to it, and groomed to acting out the kinds of things they watched on the Honeymoon video, and read about in letters from their parent’s lovers.
Probably why it’s called “Covert Incest.” The victims aren’t aware that they are victims, because they’re raised to think that it’s normal. It isn’t, so don’t try this at home, kids.

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