Hyperactive niece (Part 4)

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Summer was over for both of us and school started the first week of September and summer was exceptional to say the least. We almost got caught one time by my mother when we were in my room doing naughty things my mom just warned me about. I can remember that as soon as we heard my mom walking up the stairs, which my room was the first room at the top of the stairs, she walked in and just before she did, my niece let go of my cock and quickly sat on the floor watching tv. As soon as my mom left my room my niece turns to me and giggles with a grin on her face then she jumps back on the bed and feels for my cock under the cover. Our “playing with each other” started to get more and more intense like by the time the Christmas holidays were upon us she took upon herself to one day slowly lick the head of my cock and it felt sooo good. By then, I would influence her by suggesting things like telling her, “Mandy, if you try to put your lips around the top, swirl your tongue and slowly stroke it up and down it would make uncle feel really good”. So she did what I told her and I was getting that urge to blow my load within minutes so I closed my eyes hoping it would subside but the longer she stroked and swirled her warm tongue on the head of my cock the more intense it was feeling. I didn’t want to scare her by shooting my load straight into her mouth so I told her to stop and right away she asked, “why did you want me to stop, dont you like what I am doing.?” I said yes but I told her that i was getting that feeling when all that white stuff came out and shot in the air like the first time you stroked it. She said, “uncle, I know what’s going to happen and that’s why I didn’t want to stop. I want to taste it and let it ooze down my throat. Well, I said ok Mandy but be prepared for a lot of white stuff to come out, so she continued where she left off and it only took about 5 minutes for my nut sack to feel the eruption that was about to happen and sure enough I blew a major load that she tried to swallow it but some trickled out the side of her mouth and even out her nose. She started coughing and trying to catch her breath and once she got her composure back she continued licking every bit of cum off my cock that was still oozing out everytime she squeezed it. Well, next time she put my cock in her mouth she was ready for the outcome, hahaha. By now, she knew what made me feel good and I knew what made her feel good so I would lay on my back and her 60 lbs body would lay on top of me doing a 69. I would gently lick and suck her clit while I would insert my tongue as deep as I could and she would give me head and enjoy the gush of cum blowing into her small mouth. This was our go to position for a good while and she loved every minute of it. During those times I would prove her virgin pussy with my middle finger and she would tighten up when it felt uncomfortable. Little by little I played or probed her until I was able to put my middle finger up to my mid knuckle and she would really get all wet and soaked but I would not those juices go to waste. I would get my mouth and tongue and slurp every drop out of her. I know she was so enjoying every second of that because she would spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could so I could so I could reach as far as I could with my tongue in that tiny virgin hole.
Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s my mom and dad didn’t talk to me about the birds and the bees. I had to learn on my own or with friends that had brothers and sisters about the same age so all I knew that a virgen was a person that hadn’t had sex so when my first sexual experience with a classmate I wanted to prove and caress every inch of her body. When I got down between my classmates legs it was hairy, moist, a hole I could slip 2 fingers in at the same time and an aroma that was kinda strong but I noticed that not all girls had the same lips or aroma. Seeing that tight pussy on my niece was an eye opener and something that I knew that I had to be very gentle with her and let her, basically, take control and that’s I what I did, let her take it at her own pace, no forcing and no pressure on my part.
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