A Wife’s Punishment Part 2

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Jenny text bright and early the next morning. “so is our little dog slut awake yet?” “Nope she’s still out cold lol” I responded. “I’m going to tell you this because I love you … it’s time to ruin her for good” Jenny said. “Oh yeah and what do you have planned for that” I asked. “I have a few more toys on the way. They should be here by the end of next week. Until then use the two she got last night on her as often as possible. She’s going to need the extra space” Jenny exclaims. “But one more thing! She doesn’t fucking touch you. Tie that dog loving slut to the bed and by all means destroy her!” Jenny emphatically explained. “Yes ma’am” I replied. “It’s time to wake up the devil inside of her and one way or another it’s time for her to learn her place!” I walked into the room where Robyn was still passed out naked and spread open wide and the blindfold still on. Her pussy still had a little gap to it but had somewhat closed over night. I grabbed the cuffs from the dresser and replaced them with my phone to record. I walk over to Robyn and immediately flip her on her stomach and cuff her behind her back. Robyn immediately starts struggling making the cuffs sinch down tighter on her wrists. “Please stop please let me go.” Robyn begs. “Oh no you dog loving slut I don’t think that’s going to be possible.” I exclaim. “Mark I’m sorry I don’t know what I was.” I cut her off there “you begged Jenny to fuck you with a dog dick you begged me to fuck you with a dog dick and if you know what’s good for you you’ll shut up now because I’m sure a lot of people would think differently of you if they heard you begging to fuck a real dog!” “I’ve been so neglected mark I couldn’t help it.” Robyn sobs. Well you’re about to be as unneglected as anyone can be.” As I begin to rub the dog dick up and down her pussy. “Mark please don’t do this to me.” “I’m not doing anything to you I’m doing this For you” as I begin to slide the dog dick inside of her. “Oooooo fuck!” Robyn wails. “Go ahead and say it you know you want to” I mockingly say. “Fuck that feels good!” Robyn moans. “What feels good?” I ask. “That dog dick in my pussy fuckkkkkk I can feel it stretching me out!” Robyn screams. “Oh yeah you like having your little cunt ruined huh?” “FUCKKKKK YESSSS!!” “So do you want more? Huh is that what you’re begging for?” “GODDD YES!!!!” “You want your little shithole stretched to DONT YOU! YOU WANT YOUR PUSSY AND ASSHOLE LEFT GAPING DONT YOU SLUT!!” I scream! “FUCK YES!!!!! FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG DILDO AND LEAVE ME STRETCHED LIKE A SLUT!!” Robyn begs. I shove the dog dick in her sloppy cunt till her lips seal around the knot causing her to cum. I live up her ass and push the inflatable dildo deep into her ass. Robyn starts to pass out till I slap her across the face “wake the fuck up it’s not time for you to go to sleep I’m not finished with you yet!” I growl at her. I start to tug on the dog dildo “you want more than this dog dick don’t you bitch!” “Yes god yes please give me more!!” Robyn pleads. I shove the dog dick deep inside of her and then rip it out of her leaving her gaping wide and her cum dripping from her open cunt. I insert 4 fingers into her cunt and start to rub her gspot. “I bet I can fit my whole fucking fist inside of you you nasty bitch!” I mockingly say. “O fuck o fuck o fuck” Robyn responds. “That’s what you want isn’t it you want me to fiat u cunt don’t you!!?!?!” “Oh fuck YESSSS!” She screams. I tuck my thumb into the palm of my hand and force my fist into her. Robyns eyes begin to roll back in her head so I slap her again “wake up slut you’re not goin to want to miss this” as I start punching my fist into her cunt as she screams and wails. I pull my fist out to admire my “handy” work and slam it back into her multiple times. Robyn eventually can’t take anymore and passes out.
I go to clean up my hand and hit send and send the video to Jenny along with a close up picture of robyns ruined cunt. “Oh my fucking god this is working better than I ever could have imagined!” I get ready to go get the kids Robyn is still asleep when I’m fixing to leave so I pour ice water on her and wake her up. “I’m going to get the kids. Let me make myself abundantly clear. From now on twice a day you are to that dog dick stick it to the bathroom floor and ride it till your cunt hangs open. You will video it and send it to me each time. If you don’t or you refuse. Your little dog fetish will become public knowledge do you understand!” “Yes sir” Robyn whispers. “Oh no I’m going to need a little more enthusiasm for a dog dick loving slut!” I growl. “YES SIR!” Robyn says louder and more confidently. I uncuff her and leave. “I’m on my way to meet you to get the kids.” I send Jenny. “We are at the park by the airport ?” she responds. I pull up and all the kids are playing so I sit at the park bench with Jenny just out of sight of the kids so my hand wanders under her sundress to find she’s not wearing any panties and is dripping. “Mark I can’t lie seeing you force her to not pass out while you fisted her was fucking hot.” My fingers start to pick up speed as Jenny covers her mouth to keep from screaming out. As I feel her orgasm subside I pull my fingers from her and lick them clean. Jenny pulls out her phone and shows me 2 screen shots 1 of a horse dildo the other of a walrus dildo that attaches to a drill. “She’s going to fucking regret showing out and trying to make you look bad.” Jenny growls. Just then my Snapchat goes off. “Hmmm looks like we have a video!” I whisper to Jenny. There in the video is Robyn riding the dog dick in the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet. “She doesn’t even have to be told to beg for the dog to fuck her she’s doing that all on her own what a slut.” Jenny exclaims disgustsed. A quick kiss and then me and the kids head home Robyn stays locked in the bathroom till it’s time for her to leave for work. “Find something at work to keep that cunt stretched do you understand!” I text Robyn. “Mark there’s nothing at work for me to use please don’t make me do that.” Robyn pleads. “It’s for your own good. There’s a baseball in your trunk it will suffice.” I snap back. “But mark it’s dirty. Please!!” Robyn begs. “No dirtier than my whore wife begging for a real dog to fuck her worthless cunt!” I respond. “Yes sir” Robyn replies. And sends me a video of her shoving a baseball into her cunt in the parking lot before pulling up her pants and gingerly walking into work. Robyns punishment continued every day that week. I took off Friday so me and Jenny could surprise Robyn while she tried to sleep with the dog dildo still buried in her cunt and since the kids had already planned to stay off we had till Saturday morning to finish off Robyn. Before we walk in I push Jenny up against the door and kiss her hard. She moans into my mouth and says now when we are finished with her I want you to do that to me in front of her. I kiss her again and we walk into the house. I keep a baseball bat behind the door just in case. Well now is as good time as any for “just in case”. Jenny whispers good idea the package will be here later today. Of course she had them delivered straight to my house why wouldn’t she haha. Jenny walks in to the dark bedroom where Robyn is sound asleep and starts recording. She cuts on the closet light so there’s just enough light to see what’s going on. Jenny walks over to the bed and immediately yanks to dog dildo out of Robyn who is obviously much more stretched out now as the knot doesn’t even have any resistance from her cunt. Robyn immediately wakes up “good morning sunshine did you miss me?” Jenny mockingly says. “Pleaseeeeee give it back to me Jenny pleaseeeeee!!!!!” Robyn begs. As I walk in with the bat over my shoulder Jenny chuckles and says “I think I have a better idea.” The fear on robyns face is very clear as I hand the bat to Jenny. Jenny rubs the bat up and down robyns gaped and swollen pussy before she spits into the wide open void that used to be so tight. As Jenny begins to insert the bat into Robyn she asks “youre such a stuck up cunt that you haven’t even asked why we are doing this to you. You’re stupid enough to think it was because you were neglected.” As Jenny starts forcing the bat deeper and faster into Robyn she begins to moan. “Like a bitch in heat huh. You love having massive objects shoved inside of you don’t.” Robyn tries to stifle the answer but just can’t stop herself “FUCKKKKK YES I DO OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!” She screams. “You’re so fucking pathetic you have a husband who does everything and all you can do is be a fucking bitch to him. Well that shit is fucking over with!” Jenny screams. “Yes ma’am” Robyn moans out. “That’s right bitch know you’re fucking role! From now on you’ll stay married to Mark but only for the kids sake. So they don’t know what kind of rotten human being their mother is. So they don’t have to deal with the fact their mother would love nothing more than get gang fucked by farm animals!” Jenny chastises. “Mark come take my spot and take this bat.” Jenny requests. I sit on the bed and start fucking Robyn’s pussy hard with the bat. Jenny get on her knees on the floor in front of me and pulls out my raging hard cock. “From now on” as she goes all the way down till she gags and pulls me out of her mouth “from now on the only thing he will put inside of you is either a toy or other object he or I chooses. Or maybe if your lucky my dog max will want to fuck your used pussy or ass. Hell you may be stretched out enough for my horse. As Jenny starts sucking the life out of me I pick up the pace with the bat till Robyn is screaming. As I explode in Jenny’s mouth she comes up in robyns face as she’s got her mouth wide open trying to catch her breath and spits every drop of cum into Robyn’s mouth and holds her mouth shut till she has no choice but to swallow it. With Robyn’s mouth held shut Jenny whispers I’m Robyn’s ear you better savor every drop of that cause you’ll never get any more from him. As I pull the bat out of Robyn’s pussy you can see it is literally hanging open stretched to the max. I could almost put both hands inside if I wanted to. But just then the doorbell rings. Jenny looks at Robyn and says “looks like your next step has finally arrived.” Jenny gets up goes to the door. Mrs.Plowman I have a package for you” says the carrier. “Yep that’s me Mrs. Mark Plowman. Thank you.” As Jenny walks back into the room you can see the look of defeat on Robyn’s face. “I told you to leave him alone a long time ago and you just couldn’t so now you have no choice.
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