I was told what I would do

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A couple years ago I gave a guy a blowjob in return for some molly I was 17 at the time. I didn’t know he had recorded it. I went back to buy some more molly from him He told me he wanted sex for it. When I said no he showed me the video he told me a lot of people might see the video.
I had sex with him I made him use a condom I didn’t want to get pregnant. This went on for a couple months then one day he wanted me to come over I did but there were two guy’s there he wanted me to give them both blowjobs he recorded it. He kept me high all the time It was still horrible after It was over and I would think about It
it didn’t stop it kept getting worse I had sex with at least 8 men I didn’t know he didn’t want us using condoms because he was recording it and he wanted some creampies I did get pregnant from someone. I had sex with a girl and I am not bi. Ended up dropping out of school things were bad. But last year he got arrested for for dealing. I am going to try to get clean and move away. I hope I never see him again.

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