Fun around the campground

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We kept a camper at a campground in another city as a place to just get away. But it gave us a chance to have lots of fun. The campground was beside a big lake with a dock for small boats and had a little store with a community game room next door. They also had a nice swimming pool. We went there year-round but the real fun came in the summer months.
It was perfect for my wife Lynn who was an avid exhibitionist. She loved going to the game room and getting in a game of fooz ball or pool. She’d wear the most skimpy shorts she could find and low cut loose fitting tops or button up shirts with only about half the buttons buttoned. When playing fooz ball her nice 34D tits would be bouncing around and as she leaned over the table the people on the other side of the table plus any spectators could see down her top and get a perfect view of her tits.
When playing pool whenever she took a shot her top would be opened so much she’d might as well be topless. And if she took a shot where she had to lean over the table very far her shorts would ride up so far her entire ass would be on display as well as her fantastic tits. She loved all the attention and seeing all the guys who weren’t even playing congrigating around to watch. Knowing they weren’t interested in the game but were looking at her bare tits and ass. And to make it even hotter she would wear high heels giving her a pretty slutty look which drew more attention.
She also liked going to the pool wearing the most skimpy bikini she could possibly find. At 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair that went to her waist & long sexy legs she would get lots of attention no matter how she dressed. But walking to the pool in a skimpy bikini, her ass & tits exposed more than covered wearing 4″ spiked heels making her six ft tall. With bright red nail polish & lipstick she looked sexy as hell. Of course some of the wives & GF’s were none to pleased since there husbands & BF’s eyes were always glued to her.
Our camper was on a corner right in front of the docks so guys getting their boats tied up saw her first thing if she was sitting outside. And the road going by went right past a huge window that let you see from one end of our 28ft trailer to the other. And at night with the lights on if the shades were open, which they usually were it was like a stage. And she took full advantage of it by changing clothes right in front of the window if she saw guys walking by letting them see her totaly nude.
There was a bathroom in our trailer but we could see the bathrooms from our trailer, and if she saw a hot girl she’d go there to take a shower there. It was in the 70’s & 80’s and there wasn’t as much privacy as you’d see now days. The shower was all in one big room where everyone showered together. Of course they had seperate men’s & womens. But she’d go there and undress and go into the shower with the girl she was interested in and shower with her. Giving them a chance to see each other naked soaping up their bodies and giving them a chance to chat.
Most of the time it didn’t lead to anything more than her being able to expose her naked body to another hot girl. But there were a few occasions it led to much more. A few times it led to us swapping partners with another cpl a few times her bringing the girl back to our trailer for them to hook-up and a cpl of threesomes. As well as her making out with them right in the shower knowing someone could walk in on them, which would have turned her on even more.
That wasn’t her only shower fun though. Something else she did about 3 times in the 10yrs we had a trailer there she went to the mens shower. The sign that said men and womens were on a hook so they could turn it to say closed for cleaning on the other side. On these occasions we’d noticed guys staying there that would go to the showers every night about the same time after most people had turned in. She’d go before time for them to go and take the signs down and swap them. Which at night they were hard to see.
She’d go in and undress putting her stuff in a gym bag so no one would see womens clothes. And she’d have to leave her towel on a hook outside of the shower room. She’d go in and start the water and as soon as she heard them come in she’d start lathering up. And after they’d undressed in the other room and she heard them coming into the shower room she put shampoo in her hair to make it where she could look normal having her eyes closed. But peeking to watch them. You couldn’t see in the actual shower until you came into it.
But when they did they’d see her totally nude all soaped up. She’d let the shampoo soak in as she lathered up her tits & bushy red pussy. One time there were 4 guys and the other 2 times there were 3 guys. But if was funny all three times the guys would watch her a couple of minutes since she appeared to see her eyes closed. Then they would ask if she knew that was the mens shower? She’d say no it isn’t the sign said womens. Then she’d say but I did wonder about urinals in a womens bathroom. And ask if they were sure? the whole time washing the shampoo off and rinsing her body off. Making no effort to cover-up. And they didn’t either and she said it turned her on watching their reaction. And to put them more at ease when she finally left the shower area she’d say how sorry she was and tell them it wasn’t a big deal because they were all adults and didn’t have anything the other hadn’t seen before.
She’d dry off and get dressed and leave sticking her head in the shower to say how sorry she was again. What really turned her on was because of the accustics in the shower noise traveled and she could stand by the door and hear every word they had to say about how hot she was and all the things they’d like to do with her. Having no idea if they’d have asked she would have gladly fucked them all.
But it went further than just being a great way for Lynn to expose herself. We met a few couples passing through that we made friends with and some were into swinging. And with them being strangers passing through we’d usually invite them to grill out on the grill. And after getting comfortable come right out and ask if they’d ever thought about wife swapping? And it surprised us the number of ones that were into swinging. As well as a few who’d never done it but decided to try it with us. And we picked up lots of guys traveling through for threesomes or on occasion me just watching. As well as some where there would be 2-3 or more guys together we’d end up in a gangbang with.
We’d started going there when we were about 20 and had been swingers for a cpl of years. But one of our favorite experiences was when we were about 28 and a group of 4 guys had pitched a tent in the spot next to ours. They were all between 16 and 19 and had been checking out Lynn all day since she decided to lay out in front of the camper rather than the pool. Mainly to tease them. We’d cooked out on the grill and noticed them with a tiny hibatchi. So I invited them to use our grill since the charcoal was still hot.
We sat around and talked and found out they were only there for one night as they were traveling cross country. Lynn was wearing a sheer white top that buttoned up and was showing plenty of clevage and a pair of really short shorts. It was a weeknight and the place wasn’t very busy so we all went to the game room. Lynn put on quite a show for them, letting them see her tits & sexy ass. As we walked back to the camper they were whispering to each other with Lynn walking in front of them her sexy ass swaying from side to side. And I heard one of them comment how he’d love to get some of that.
When we got back to the trailer Lynn went inside and I stayed outside talking to them. After a while I asked if they’d like to watch a porn video? The jumped at that and soon we were inside with a porn tape in and drinking shots of Tequela. Lynn not drinking much but pretending she was. Using a plan we’d used before when it got to a part with a girl wearing a sexy black garterbelt & stockings I commented on how much I like’d them. And asked their opinion and as I’d expected they said they did and I asked if their girlfriends wore them and all of them said they’d only seen girls in pictures & movies wearing them.
I told them that Lynn had several of them and loved wearing them. A few minutes later she went into the other room and closed the door. No one really paid attention until she opened the door and was standing there in a black garter belt & stockings, bra, and sheer panties you could see her bush through. With spiked heels and a see through housecoat. I thought there eyes were going to pop out of their heads. I’m sure none of them had seen a girl that hot dressed like that. Plus they were already turned on as hell between her teasing them flashing her ass & tits in the game room. And the movie we were watching.
She pretended to drink more and be getting really tipsy. Then she ask if they thought she’d make a good stripper? And of course they said yes. So she starts dancing around and running her hands over her body. After a few min of that I told her strippers didn’t just dance they stripped. She gave me as mischevious look and asked if I though those guys would like to see her strip? I said I bet they’d like to see you do more than strip but stripping would be a good start since she’d came out dressed like that. Because it wasn’t cool to just tease.
She slowly took off her housecoat and after running her hands over her body she took off her bra and caressed her big tits. Then slowly took off her panties. She danced around running her hands all over her body fondling her tits & rubbing her pussy. Then put one leg between one of the guys legs and took his hand rubbing it over her thigh and then her pussy. Then put the other leg up against another guy and automaticly he was rubbing her pussy. She leaned over and put her tits in the 16yo’s face and ask him to squeeze them and then suck on them.
Soon all four guys hands were moving over her body feeling up her ass, pussy, and tits. She stepped back and said it wasn’t fair her being the only one naked, and said if they weren’t going to take their clothes off she was going to put some clothes on. In a flash they were naked. She let them feel her up some more and suck on her tits. Then had them get in a circle around her and started taking turns sucking them all off. I couldn’t just watch anymore and got in with them with her sucking all of us off. A couple of them didn’t last long and shot off in her mouth.
But in no time she had them hard again. She had the 16yo get behind her and let him be the first to fuck her. Since he’d shot off once already he lasted pretty good. She had them take turns fucking her while she was on her back and when they were ready to cum fuck her tits and shoot off on her face & tits. I couldn’t wait and jerked off and shot a load all over her big tits. But those other guys had no problem using each others cum as lube to fuck my wifes big tits and shoot off on her.
But the night wasn’t over because she got those guys hard again in no time. They sat and watched me fuck her in the ass as she took turns sucking them off again. One guy surprised us when he asked if she was ok sucking his dick after he’d fucked her? And she told him no she loved the way pussy tasted and to take it further said too bad they didn’t have a girl with them so they could watch her eat the girls pussy and asked if they’d like that? Of course they did.
We ended up staying up until daylight and they stayed another day. That night we didn’t waste time I just invited them to come over and fuck my wife again. They took turns one fuck her while she sucked another off. Sucking & fucking all four of them. And then she sucked me off while they watched which kind of got both of us off.
Over the years we had lots of hot experiences there, and we weren’t worried about getting in trouble because Lynn sucked off the old guy who owned the place on a regular basis.
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