turned straight

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I’m a 17 year old bisexual whore and i used to think i was a lesbian, i had only ever fucked girls and i never really noticed boys. Last year a guy showed me a video with me fucking a girl and he told me he would send it to everyone unless i fucked him. I asked him where he got it but he wouldn’t answer. I agreed although i really didn’t want to, I was too scared he would show everyone. He told me to meet him at his house at night. I went and he was waiting for me. I didn’t know how to act or what to do. he asked me to take my clothes off, i was very hesitant but i did. he looked at me for a while, then he took off he pants. he grabbed me and put me on his lap. he stuck his dick inside me roughly, i moaned loudly and he started grabbing at my tits and ass. that just made me more turned on, i came almost immediately and as he came a little bit later he pulled out and came on me. He then let me go home. after that i started fucking more guys and now i like both girls and guys. anddd my story isn’t long enough so

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