sex with my brother

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I am sweety 17 years old average built .I story is about one year old. My bother is three years older than me .I never had sex before .but I knew about it . my friends used to share their sex talks .I used to get exited by talks .one day they gave be stories book in which brother having sex with sisters and mothers. day my parents had go to nanis house as she was not feeling well.that night I was sleeping after dinner. Suddenly I felt hand on my breast .and I woke up this was my brother sleeping next to me.I thought let s see what he I kept silent.he started pressing my breasts.
Then he started lifting my shirt up ward and .put his hand on breast over bra.and pressing the my heart beat increased.then he removed my bra also. Now he was playing with both brests and curiosti increased .then he started sucking my .breasts .I was soakings in my panty.after some time he removed high Pajama.and his cock was fully.erect.and was big and thick.I got fritendby his cock.he than removed by pant and put his hand no my pussy.which had hairs .and he put one finger in me it was paining.but I kept silent .I was also hot now.he than came over me and suddenly. Put his cock sat my pussy. And true to enter but he could not .then he spit on his cock to male him wet and tried to press hard this time he succeeded as his had enters me and I cried in pain.he pu t his hand on my south. And pushed hard this time half cock was inside me.he waited for some time and he pussd his remains cock inside me I was bleeding. And crieng in pain and said please take it out I can not bear it .he started kissing me and sucking my breasts after some time pain gone then hr started fucking heavily. I moaned and held him he knew that I am enjoying now we was fucking with full strength.he fucked me for 3 times iin that first night .after that we used to fuck whenever we get Chance.

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