The Priest

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I was 10 or 11 when this happened. I was at church in the after noon because it was a babysitting day and my mom called the priest and told him that she was going to puck me up really late at around I believe it was midnight. The priest agreed(I don’t remember his name) told me I didn’t want to complain my mom was a very busy woman. After all the other kids got picked up it was just me and the priest He told me I can take a shower, I said sure and he showed me to the shower I took off my clothes exposing my hairless body and I got in and turn the hot water on and when i got out. I forgot to put on my towel and the priest saw everything I got fairly red and i covered myself with my hands and he said “No, don’t be shy my boy the good lord worked hard to make you in his image, so don’t cover yourself” I reluctantly moved my hands and he guided me to the bed i was going to sleep and he started to take his clothes off I asked him what he was doing he said “This is what all men do and boys if they want to become men” i always wanted to be considered a man to protect my mom so I agreed to do whatever he wanted to do and he smirked and continued what he was doing and he put me on the bed and put dick on my face and said “Put this in your mouth” I did it tasted weird and i keep doing it just to be a man. He moaned and pulled his dick out and pushed me on my hands and knees his dick was wet with my spit and precum and my butthole was was wet from the shower he put his dick in me i moaned in pain and pleasure he started going and going i was shoving my head in the blankets then he laid on me with all of his weight and he said “H-here it cums” then i felt a sudden rush of heat he laid on top of him with his dick still inside of me until my mom said she was 30 minutes out and the Priest said to my mom “If you’re ever busy like this again I will gladly watch your son” I walked away with cum still in me.
I still have more stories with the priest if you guys want more

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