My step-niece

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One year I went to visit my brother’s family and his wife has a girl from a different man, my step-niece. I heard my step-niece wake up early in the morning to watch cartoons. So I went upstairs with a spare blanket. I knew she would be watching cartoons on the couch. I also knew that she had a little crush on me. I put the blanket over us and knew that she was cold. She snuggled up to my side. I slowly moved my hand between her legs and started to play with her pussy over her pajamas. She didn’t do anything as a result. No reaction. Maybe she was too into the cartoon. She kept fidgeting and changing positions though so I would have to move my hand a different way back to her crotch and began rubbing slowly again. Someone was coming downstairs so I moved my hand away. Her mom told her to go upstairs and put some real clothes on and then left the room. I moved my hand back to her crotch and slowly started rubbing it again. Finally she spread her legs a little. Then she looked up at me, smiled, and at the same time grabbed hold of my hand and pulled it hard against her crotch while smiling at me. Then she went upstairs to change clothes.
She came back down wearing only a long dress with just panties on underneath and asked me if I wanted to play dress up. Unfortunately I had to leave by that time. So I left. l year later I came by to visit and I was playing with my step-niece under the table at my brother’s house. Not sure why she liked being under the table but she did. The table has a long table cloth which covered up what i kept on trying to do with my sock covered foot which was to rub her cunnie under the table. I wasn’t really successful at that because she kept moving around and acting like a cat. She would cutely meow if I messaged her shoulders or ran my hand through her hair, and sometimes she would hiss to act like an angry cat. At one point the game under the table changed. My leg became a horsie to her and she would get on my lower leg and I would bounce it up and down knowing it was hitting her crotch and she would ride it. Anyway, I was wearing shorts and at one point she was holding on to my hands trying to do flips. My cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I was so hard. I widened the gap between my legs and kept trying to bring her head closer to my cock. It was a game to her so she would resist a little but be drawn forward suddenly on purpose. During this fake tug of war her head kept getting closer to my cock in my shorts and she had to of seen the huge lump pointing at her through my clothing. When she got really close to my cock she said, “Oh I REALLY like you” from under the table. Not sure why she said that. Later on in the day she wanted to play the horsie game again but we were on the couch watching cartoons together. At first she was cuddling on my shoulder. Then she moved up and sat directly on my pelvis and bounced a little on my hard cock. Someone came into the room and she moved down to my right leg and she mounted it. So I moved my leg up and down again like riding a horse and she rode it while watching cartoons. How can I take the next step? What should I do? I want her to suck my cock so bad.

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