Klaus, Petra, und Teufel 1

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After finishing Basic Training for the Army, I was stationed at in Wiesbaden Germany. It was the late 70s and the Cold War was a serious matter back then.
It was hectic, reporting to my unit, getting settled into barracks, CIF issueand all manner of inspections and daily physical training.
That first month I had to attend classes on the German language and customs, drug and alcohol, race relations. I never had a chance yo leave my post.
Finally I had a Friday night off. I asked the guys in my unit abiut the night life. They told me where to find the bars and the whore house. Then one said “stay out of the park by the main train station, that’s where all the Fags go.”
So I took a bus into town and it turns around at the main train station. I could see where the park was and would come back after sundown.
I went to a topless bar and admired pretty girls and titties. I’m actually more jealous than lustful. I’ve always wanted to be a girl. I hope in my next life I can be.
After dark I left the bar and headed to the park by the train station. It was well wooded, periodic lamps and benches, paved little trail. I was standing in the light of a lamp by a bench when Klaus stepped out of the shadows. Klaus is a big German. Im; 5’8″s and Klaus is 6’5″s and brawny. He stepped up to me and said hello. He could tell that I was a soldier.
He said the busses back to post were finished running and offered me a ride back. Once we got into his car he asked if I would like to go home with him.
Of course I said yes and I was so horny. I needed to be fucked. Because of inspections I couldn’t have a dildo in my locker. It had been months.
When we got to his house I excused myself and went to the bathroom and checked my ass for poop and made sure I was clean. I took off my clothes and came out.
Klaus was laying on the bed naked waiting for me. His cock was almost twice as big as mine. We kissed a little and he wetted his finger and pushed it into my ass. It felt so good, finally I get penetration. I started stroking his cock and kissing him. Then he pushed my head down to suck his cock, it was massive.
While I sucked his cock he fingered my ass and lubed me with spit. It felt amazing. I so wanted Klaus to fuck me.
Klaus was the first uncut cock I ever played with. I found the foreskin amazing. Klaus was getting a bit annoyed at me playing with it.
Finally Klaus rolled me into the Missionary position and laid on top of me. I pread my legs like a woman and tilted my pelvis up so his cock could find my hole.
Klaus found my hole and started to thrust in. The pain was immense. I couldn’t take that huge cock.
So Klaus suggested that I get on top and eas on to it. So I did with a lot of spit. I finally got down to the base all that dick in me. Klaus rolled me over to the missionary position and fucked me hard. He made my prostate sing. It felt so good, I was close to orgasm when Klaus let out a groan and bred me.
Afterwards, I rolled over on my side, Klaus’ cock fell out of my ass and he put his arm around me and we went to sleep.
The next morning, I would meet his wife Petra and her dog.

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