Grandchildrens Visit – 3

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I have a pool in the back yard that a lot of the kids in the neighbourhood come over to use. While we were eating breakfast, I heard a splash and looked out. Tommy, who lives a couple of houses away was in the pool. Breakfast was over quickly and the two grandkids were out getting into the pool with Tommy right away. I cleaned up and went outside. The three kids were playing in the water and I noticed a swim suit laying on the edge of the pool. Now I knew my grandkids weren’t wearing anything when they went outside so I assumed that the suit belonged to Tommy.
After a while I went inside to do some chores. It got very quiet outside all of a sudden and I wondered what was going on. I poked my head outside and what a surprise I found. The three kids were out of the pool, on the lawn, Jill on top of Tommy, bouncing up and down on his cock while Ben had straddled Tommy’s head thrusting his cock into his mouth. I watched the three of them as Jill came on top of Tommy and Ben started filling Tommy’s mouth with hot come.
Jill quickly got off of Tommy and lay down on the lawn on her back, legs spread, soaking cunt open and willing. The two boys took turns eating out Jill and lapping at the come in her cunt. At the same time, I was getting hard again and soon knew I would have it let it out of my shorts or I would wet them.
While still watching the three kids on the lawn, I quickly shed my clothes and started over to them. Jill looked up and saw me coming, my cock swaying as I walked. A smile came over her face and she lowered her legs, pushing the two boys away from her. She pivoted until her wet cunt was pointing at me but I had other ideas. I went over to the two boys and presented my hard cock to them. It took but a flash before Tommy had my cock in his mouth, sucking on it. Ben was on his knees under me, licking and washing my balls.
I moaned as I was being sucking and licked by two young boys while my granddaughter watched. I let the boys continue for a few more minutes then pulled my cock and balls away from them. I moved over and laid down on the lawn on my back. My hard cock was pointing straight up in the air and Ben quickly straddled me and lowered himself. He started bouncing up and down while I pulled Tommy over and took his cock into my mouth. He hardened almost immediately and as I fucked Ben, I sucked Tommy until they both came. Ben slumped on top of me after I filled his canal with hot juicy come and Tommy came in my mouth.
After I slipped out of Ben’s ass, Tommy got off me and went right over to Ben. Making him lie down on the lawn, he got between Ben’s legs and pushed his legs up in the air and started to suck on his ass hole, eating the come out of him. Jill came over to me and started sucking my spent cock, at least I thought it was spent. After a little coaxing, I was hard again and filling Jill’s cunt with hard cock. I turned her over and moved behind her, pushing my cock into her from the rear. As I fucked her, I watched her little brown button open and close with every thrust. I leaned down and licked her hole while I continued fucking her. She groaned a little and I wondered if she had ever had it in the ass. Well, there was no time like the present to find out.
I pulled out of her and moved up over her back, feeding my cock into her ass. She squealed a little but soon was pushing back against my thrusts as we fucked. I looked over and Ben had Tommy on his knees beside the pool and was drilling Tommy’s ass with his little hard cock. I watched the two boys while fucking Jill’s ass, wondering what tommy felt like. I knew I would soon find out and I did.
As soon as I was finished with Jill, I moved over to the boys and stuck my still hard cock into Tommy’s mouth. He got to taste both Jill and I until I couldn’t wait any longer and asked Ben to let me have Tommy’s ass. He moved out of the way and I got between Tommy’s up stretched legs, thrusting my cock deep inside his ass hole. I filled his canal and started to fuck him in earnest. I soon came and he moaned when he felt my hot come being spurted up into him.
I was spent now and told the kids that I was going in for a rest. They stayed and were soon at it again. Tommy stayed most of the day and I don’t know how many times he was fucked, how many times he fucked and who with. It had been a hectic few days and there was more to come.

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