Drunk daughters 1st time part 6

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Over the past two weeks the sex was pretty much non stop, i was well and truly shattered,
Sex with the wife dwindled down to once every 3/4 days where as bobbie was daily sometimes multiple times a day.
Kept sex with the wife hidden so as far as bobbie was awhere she was the only one I was having sex with, which kept her happy,
Myself and the wife were nearly caught a few times as was me and bobbie but all was OK.
One of my favourite times in the past 2 weeks a Friday night when the wife was due on a night out with her girlfriends. She told myself and bobbie over breakfast on the Friday morning she was going out for the night, as the wife puts the breakfast stuff away bobbie smiles and says finally we get the place to our selfs, to which I reply baby tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, I’m going to give you an orgasam and make you cum soo hard.
Its 7pm as the wife gets ready to leave, she looks hot as fuck tonight even bobbie says wow when she sees her mum,
Dont wait up as she gives me the sexiest kiss,
She is normally home around 3am as clubs kick out at 2, so 7 hrs of alone time with bobbie,
I already plan in my head what toinght will bring, first teach to suck my cock how I like it, go down on her which I’ve not done properly yet and dying to see how delicious she tastes, and of course give her her first orgasam.
As the door closes I call bobbie from the kitchen to come give me a kiss,
Nope not yet I want a shower she says teasing me, ill come join you I reply, I can manage fine myself she shoots back.
About a hr later my phone beeps its bobbie, you coming to bed daddy it reads, I’m up the stairs faster then ever before and as I open the door I see the most beautiful sight in the world,
Bobbie laying there, hair in pig tails, red lipstick with matching finger and toenails, totally naked, i on top of her in an instant, trying to get my cock out as I play with her pussy while kissing her, NO not yet she says we have all night i want to do it properly, ok you asked for it smirking I say,
I kiss her deeply then move to her neck kissing and licking, then down to her puffy nipples sucking and licking, i actually gave her a love bite just above her left nipple, looked amazing and she loved it, i then ran my wet hot tongue and lips down her chest to her stomach, then lifted her legs and parted her knees so I was face to face with her pussy, I started by licking her tight little lips, then went to tease her clit with my hot tongue, she went wild almost lept off the bed as she clenched the bed sheets in her hand and thrust her pussy into my mouth, I alternated between teasing her clit the licking up and down her little slit and sticking my tongue in her tiny hole, the taste of her pussy juice as it was flowing was amazing, that with the moans and sound she was making had me so hard, I slowly come to a stop and climb back up to her face and we kiss again, she pulls away and says mmmm that’s what my vagina tastes like, she looks down at her love bite and says wow ive always wanted one it looks really good.
Now let me show you what I’ve learned from the Internet and pushes me on my back.
She slides down the bed taking my balls in one of her tiny hands and my cock in the other, and licks from my balls all the way to the tip of my cock and back down again, then circles her wet hot tongue around the tip, before kissing and sucking the end if my cock, before I knew it she was in full cocksucking mode, couldn’t go deep but deep enough to feel amazing, you learnt this just for me I ask and she murmurs yep with my cock still in her mouth, she moves up to my nipples and starts sucking on them, to which it sends me over the edge now I’m moaning telling her I’m going to cum, with that she goes back down and starts sucking on my bellend like its a dummy, I explode into her mouth, I see her wince a little as my cock shoots load after load into her mouth, she just keeps her mouth there swallowing and sucking until my cock stops throbbing, my god I’m in love I say as she snuggles naked into me and says so am I, and we fall asleep naked and cudled up.
We come to at the same time and its midnight still a good few hours i think to myself,
Do you really love me bobbie says, more then you know baby I reply, then come to bed with me she asked, we are in bed i say stroking her back and squeezing her firm tiny butt,
My bed she replys, then I realised we have not done it in her bed yet, she puts her tiny hand in mine and we walk naked together to her room.
We lay side by side as we kiss and run our hands all over each others body, she looks me in the eyes and says I’m so happy you aren’t sleeping with mum anymore (she dont know I still am) I love you so much daddy I just want it to be you and me forever, we can live together get married and have babies together, i stop her talking by kissing her again, her little tongue in my mouth as my tongue gently enters hers, feeling our tongues all over each others as our lips kiss together, I roll on top positioning my cock to her little hole, she holds my face and says she wants us kissing and looking into each others eyes as i go inside her, it was awkward her being so much smaller then me but managed to get lined up, I start kissing her and gentley hold her cheeks, looking deep into each others eyes i push all the way inside my baby girl till my balls are against her tiny arse hole and my bellend squashed against her cervix, again it felt like million tiny hands inside her all squeezing my cock at different times, i stay buried deep inside her for a minute to catch her breath and re relax,
I slowly pull out nearly all the way, before pushing slowly all the way to her cevix again we continue this for some time then I pick up the speed as she moans more enjoying the pace, I kiss and lick her neck as my cock is properly fucking her, i put her legs over my shoulders so I can watch my cock going in and out of this percect little pussy, lips stretched round my hard cock, when she asks me to go back to her neck it felt really good,
So I do , kissing and licking, her breathing gets harder and starts moaning louder and before I know it I start sucking her neck and her whole body starts to shake then goes stiff as a board stops breathing for a second her cheeks go bright red and her eyes roll back, all while I’m slaming away, her pussy tightens like a vice round my cock forcing me to cum pressed up against her cervix, her pussy sucking every last drop out of me as we both slump back down, what the hell happened dad she says, that was amazing a tear rolling down her flushed cheeks, you had a orgasam baby and look , i pulled my cock from inside her and it was covered in her cum, you cum all over me.
That moment a car door slammed outside, fuck the wife was home, i tell bobbie to stay in bed ill go put some boxers on and pretend to be asleep, she says OK and loves me, kisses me and I leave.
As she stumbled into the bedroom it was obvious she was wasted, you home early i say laying there, the smell of bobbie all over me, she tells me she drank to much and got kicked out for being sick on the bar, thats disgusting I think and she collapses on the bed.
I get up and start to undress her shoes mini skirt, her tiny little thong, i notice its freshly shaved and looking lovely, I pull her top off and as I’m undoing her bra I notice the cock part if my boxers is right by her mouth and causes my cock to start to twitch, i pull my cock out its smells amazing and is still wet and coverd in our daughters cum, i start to run the tip on her lips as her mouth opens slightly and I push my cock in to her mouth, my cock amazingly gets hard, the sight of her tasting her own daughters pussy and cum off her husbands cock, what tipped me over the edge was seeing her tongue with some of our daughtes cum on it then she woke a little as really started sucking me, i shot what cum I had left in her mouth and she swallowed the lot and feel back to sleep,
I climbed beside her biggest smile on my face, what a brilliant night and fell asleep.
So yeah I organised a little party for the wifes birthday only a few friends and family just a drink and music, a get together really.
Can daisy come to the party dad bobbie asks,
I dont know I reply if she does she will have to stay and I dont know what you will get up to together laughing, dad dont be silly im all yours, would just be nice to have my friend round, she can sleep down here in the sofa and you can come kiss me good night before you go to bed smirking.
Making sandwiches with bobbie i ask about Daisy’s first time like how and stuff, she said had been talking to a boy called luke online, snuck out when her mum was in bed met him in the park and it just happened, she’s not heard from her since and blocked her on everything, she seemed a little upset but said he was tiny and didn’t feel anything anyway giggling.
One more thing tonight 3 drinks max, I don’t want a repeat of last time you two were drinking i say.
PT 7
Wouldn’t want mum finding out about luke now would we, i say to daisy as the fear covered her face.

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