My wife just passed away 4 months ago

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Ever since then my stepdaughter has been sleeping in the bed with me . she says she scared to sleep by her self. So here’s the problem I can not sleep with any clothes on I have done this all my life and she says she is the same way. HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM we wake up spooning her me and me her and her hands end up in places they shouldn’t be, holding my dick and my hands end up where they should not be, holding her breast with my dick in between her legs and I can not help getting a hard on she says we should fuck and get it over with but I have a problem fucking my wife’s daughter even if she is 18 she thinks her mother would want us to be happy and to make each other happy she also says that we are all each others got left so I have agreed to this but I said no kissing its just a fuck so we do it and end up kissing and sucking and fucking and I feel guilty but she says now that we have done it we should feel free to do it any time we need the touch so we have been fucking like bunnies and I still feel guilty.

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