My first girlfriend

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When I was young I lived next door to a girl about two years younger than me.
One day, we were playing around at my house and although it started innocent it soon got a bit daring. We ended up naked in my mom’s bed exploring each others body’s, tickling and wrestling.
Soon I was on top of her with my little erect penis at the entrance to her pussy while she wrapped her legs around my waist. She gripped me hard, neither of knowing or prepared for what happened next as, with a slight push, my penis was suddenly inside her.
The first thing I felt was heat, but I really liked it, the next was how wet she was. I liked it so much, I tried to push more into her, resulting in me slowly sliding my penis in and out of her little pussy.
She was enjoying it too, because during the whole time, she tightly wrapped her legs and arms around me and refused to let go.
In the end, we stayed like that for what must have been over an hour.
I don’t know if she had an orgasm but looking back now, I can say I must have dry cummed at least three times while we wrestled like that.
In the end, we stopped playing around, put our clothes back on and went to find something to eat.
Sadly, that was the only time we played like that, as she moved away just a few weeks later but every now and then I still think about it and it never fails to make me hard!!

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