A Mean Dick

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“But she could suck a mean dick,” he elbowed one of his friends, “Good thing I got one.” Grabbing his crotch.
They all laughed, so hard that they didn’t even notice me, but boy’s talk. Honestly, not a whole lot different from girl’s talk, but I never heard a girl say that her boyfriend could lick a mean pussy.
“What’s that mean?” I laughed, and they straightened up, putting out their cigarettes. “Like no mean feat? That means you’re average.”
“What’s it to you?” he shoved me out of the way, “Nerd.”
“Well, uh.” One of his friends came up, and took his hat off. “It’s not really the dick, per se. It’s the guy attached to it. It’s not like one guy has a nice one, or a mean one.”
“Hahah, how would you know? Fag.”
“It’s just that a nice guy won’t try to shove it down your throat, or stick it in, before you’re ready. I’d never do that.” He finished fixing his hair, but left one arm up. Leaning on the corner. “With you?” He winked, with a pretty nice smile.
“Uh?” I looked around, but the other guys that were left. Not counting the mean one, with the mean dick, he left. I mean, you know what I mean?
“I don’t know,” another one started unzipping his pants. “Why don’t you let her decide, which one she likes?”
I couldn’t believe but they looked at each other, and shrugged. Then they all started fishing around in their pants, and whipping them out.
One of them asked “You like what you see?” but I couldn’t even look up from all the sausages.
“Ngh!” I shook my head, and took a deep breath. “Well, what I heard is a good one can get hard, and stay hard long enough to satisfy you.”
“Well,” one of them pulled my sleeve, “Why don’t you come back here,” they crowded around me in the corner, “And give us something to look at?” I looked around, but I couldn’t see over all the shoulders, which means nobody else could see in, so I took my shirt off, but I was so excited, i couldn’t help giggling!
I heard stories, but I never thought that it could happen to me, because while I’d gotten looks from boys before, that’s all they did. They never came up to talk to me, at best they just said something to their friends, and laughed, but I know boys talk. Just like girls talk, about which one is cute, and who’d you fuck kill, or marry.
I don’t want to kill anyone, and I don’t really want to get married yet either, but while I’m still young, horny, and single? I said Hulk once, but then everybody laughed, and said he’d rip me apart. So, then I said Bruce Banner instead, but later I thought. You know, how he turns green, and gets all big, and angry?
Ever since I saw Thor Ragnarok, oh yeah, and everyone wanted Thor, but there’s this one scene in it, where hes in the bathtub? Then he gets out, and you can;t see anything but his butt, but, you know. Kinda have to wonder if he’s that big, everywhere, and Valkyrie had to be pretty tough to take it all, but she’s not human. She’s Asgardian, and a Valkyrie, so I bet she could take it.
“Ooh kay? I don’t know.” They were starting to get hard, and fighting over my bra. “Just!” I slapped their hands. “Let me, okay?”
They stepped back, and nice guy even said “Sorry,” but they let me slip the straps off, and pull it around front, but before I could even start unhooking it, they were back. With their hands all over me, and their boners wagging like tails.
“Huh!” Big ones, small ones, hairy ones, and not as hairy, but still a little fringe around the top, and their balls, too. Most of those were pretty hairy, but I only had 2 hands, so I got down for a closer look, and pulled 2 in, just to rub the warm sexy meat all over my face, and smell their sweat, and feel their hairy balls.
“Don’t hog her, let everyone have a turn, guys.”
“Huh, yeah. You,” the biggest one I could see, “And you.” The nice guy, with the hat, and the hair. “Huh! Huhehihin!” He wasn’t the smallest, but he wasn’t circumcised, so the skin bunched up tight over the tip. “How do you pee?”
He pinched the head out, and pulled it back, so it started at me like a one-eyed wiggly worm.
“Huh, that one.” I decided, and took it out of his hands. Giggling, and pulling it, then pushing the skin back, so it winked at me! “Ihihihihn!”
“Come on guys,” the other boys started tucking them back in, and zipping up their pants.
“Oh, no. You don’t have to leave, and if you want to watch. Just try to keep an eye out, in case somebody comes.”
“Oh, somebody’s gonna cum, all right.”
“Ihihihihn! I didn’t mean it like that, but yeah. You can all come, right?”
“Yeah, I’m shooting great big loads like you wouldn’t believe.”
“Yeah, me too. Way bigger then he can.”
“Oomh hn?” I stopped, realizing that I just put it in my mouth, and then I tasted how salty it was. Swirled it around, to lock the whole head, but it wasn’t too dirty, I guess. I mean yeah, it was a dick, in my mouth, and he was sweaty, but at least he washed it. So, I shrugged, and closed my eyes, to the sound of zippers, and then heavy breathing. Light patting, and then louder faster fapping. I cracked an eye, then the other to look around, and just enjoyed their balls bouncing, and swinging, and sucking the dick in my mouth.
My first blowjob, and I wanted to enjoy every second of it. Remember everything about it, especially if I was going to have to suck off the runners up, to satisfy them too.
“NGH!” It sounded like he was about to sneeze, but he tried to hold it back, and then he pulled the skin again. So it slipped back from the wet tip, and then it swelled, and twitched on my tongue. And then it spat, and then I tasted my first shot of sperm right on my tongue. “Uh, huh!” He slipped back, and almost fell over, but instead of catching him. The other boys jumped out of the way. “Hey watch it!” But he managed to catch himself on the wall.
“Uh, here. Fughm!” Another boy made this funny face, and bit his lip, but then he started shooting, so i closed my eyes, and felt the hot sticky splashes. All over my face, and neck, and some of it got in my hair, but even before the first one finished, and other one started, and then another, and another, so they couldn’t crowd around all at once, and there was no way I could declare a winner on the biggest load competition, but I didn’t care.
“Huh, slut.” Somebody tucked it in, and zipped it up, walking away.
“Yeah, what a cocksucking cum slut.”
“She can’t get enough dick.”
“Yeah,” a couple of them high-5ed, but I thought I was alone for a moment. Picking up my shirt, careful to wipe my face on the inside, and then I heard.
“Don’t listen to them, they don’t know what they’re talking about.”
I blinked, and saw nice guy, he put his hat back on, but this time it was backwards, so it had the plastic band across his forehead, and I started laughing.
“I thought nice guys finished last! Ahahahah!”
“Oh, huh.” He got it, and started laughing with me.

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