Cousin pt3

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So the party is slowing dying out but my cousin from the first story( the older sister) is drunk and she has invited her neighbor who is the same age as her and they start to play music but both are twerking, dancing in some nice tight clothes to see their curves. I was sitting down enjoying the show I couldn’t believe it was happening, I was hard but I couldn’t show it or else something bad might happen. This goes on for a couples of mins( 30 mins) and I get to see it over again her twerking I loved every minute. I’m taking about see was showing how low she can go that night was amazing and the little sister was wearing a move revealing clothes short shorts nice top shirts with no bra I would stare at her tbh her body’s is a little better looking than her older sister but I would fuck both,but I had to leave it was getting late but she is having another party and hopefully I get to see more of her and her neighbor at that party.
Read the others stories to catch up on this story, I’ll post more stories when I see more action. If you want me to try a get a specific story let me know in the comments thanks for reading have a great week!

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