She is a Hot Neighbor

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I could take a good look

I was just in front of the house about to heat my car,

When I saw my hot neigboor coming down the stairs, she was taking her child to the school cab, She was wearing only like a big Shirt

It was early in the morning, everything was quiet.

I think she though nobody was around.

Those were two stories long stairs, and from my point of view I could see from down and the side part almost all the way of it.

When she was coming back…

She was stepping up stairs very slowly because she was like texting somebody.

From my angle, I was taking a good look of her “kim kardashian” ass. It was so hot.

I was thinking that she knew I was looking at her ass.

Because she was going upstairs so slowly.

Them… In the middle of her way up, l realized that she didn’t even had underwear !

I could definitely when she was getting to the top floor watch her pussy !

It was solo hot. Great way to start my day watching my hot neighbor ass and pussy.

Just awesome.

Some days after that, she had to move away, but what a farewell show she gave me.

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