Get Naked With Your Dad

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It all started when his dad came downstairs one evening wearing just his shorts and nothing else. Mom told him to go and put some clothes on. She’d caught him a few times like this, lolling about the house in just his shorts. She didn’t mind it when there was just the two of them in the house but she didn’t think it was right when their son Oliver was there to see it. Oliver was 18 but it still wasn’t right for him to be seeing his dad like this.

“The boy doesn’t want to be looking at that,” she said to him.

“It’s the middle of summer,” said Dad in his defence. “It’s too hot to be wearing clothes.”

He plonked himself down on the sofa.

Mom moved up to the other side of the sofa.

“Oliver doesn’t want to see you like that.”

“What do you mean? It’s not as if I’m naked.”

“You may as well be for what you’re wearing.”

Oliver didn’t say anything. He just stayed curled up in his armchair watching the telly.

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It all started when his dad came downstairs one evening

wearing just his shorts and nothing else. Mom told him to go and put some

clothes on. She’d caught him a few times like this, lolling about the house in

just his shorts. She didn’t mind it when there was just the two of them in the

house but she didn’t think it was right when their son Oliver was there to see

it. Oliver was 18 but it still wasn’t right for him to be seeing his dad like


“The boy doesn’t want to be looking at that,” she said to


“It’s the middle of summer,” said Dad in his defence. “It’s

too hot to be wearing clothes.”

He plonked himself down on the sofa.

Mom moved up to the other side of the sofa.

“Oliver doesn’t want to see you like that.”

“What do you mean? It’s not as if I’m naked.”

“You may as well be for what you’re wearing.”

Oliver didn’t say anything. He just stayed curled up in his

armchair watching the telly.

“And anyway,” continued Dad, “it wouldn’t matter if I was

naked. You can be such a prude sometimes, Jayne. Honestly.”

Oliver allowed a quick image of his dad naked to enter his

head but then he concentrated on the telly to take his mind off it.

Dad scratched his balls through his silky shorts.

Mom gave a tut.

“Colin! Stop doing that!”

“Bloody ‘ell, woman! They’re itchy. What do you expect me to


“The boy doesn’t want to see his dad messing with his balls

like that.”

“Will you stop turning it into a big issue? The lad probably

didn’t even see me.”

“I didn’t,” Oliver said, not taking his eyes from the TV


“You see,” said Dad.

“Well I did,” said Mom.

“Well you shouldn’t have been looking. And anyway, even if

Oliver did see, it wouldn’t bother him. Would it, son?”


“It wouldn’t bother you if you saw me scratching my balls.”


This was all getting a bit awkward for Oliver.

“The lad probably does it himself anyway,” said Dad. “Isn’t

that right, son? You scratch your balls when they get itchy, don’t you?”


“Your balls. You scratch them when they get itchy.”

“I don’t have itchy balls.”

Mom had had enough of all this talk about itchy balls.

“Can we change the subject, please?”

“You started it,” said Dad.

“No I didn’t,” said Mom. “You started it by scratching your


Now Oliver had had enough.

“Can we stop talking about Dad’s balls, please?”

“Exactly,” said Mom.

Oliver gave a tut and shook his head.

Dad caught Mom giving him a disapproving look.

“What have I done now?” he said.

“Go and put some clothes on, will you?”

“Shut up. I’m staying as I am. It’s too hot and sticky to be

wearing clothes, and I’m not talking about my cock.”

Mom didn’t find that amusing but Oliver laughed out loud.

“Did you like that one, son?” asked Dad, feeling pleased

with himself.

“Yeah. Good one that, Dad.”

Mom gave a tut.

“You’re as bad as each other, you two.”

Mom got up, kissed her husband then picked up her handbag.

“Right, I’m off. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, love. Hope you win.”

Mom kissed her son on the cheek.

“Bye, love. And make him put some bloody clothes on.”

“See you later, Mom.”

Mom went off to bingo leaving her husband and son in the


“Thank god for that,” Dad said, and he scratched his balls


Oliver gave a laugh.

“This is more like it, eh, son?”

Oliver glanced at his dad’s package then quickly looked


“It’s too hot to be wearing all those clothes, son. Take

them off.”


“It’s just us now, son. We don’t have to worry about your


“I’m all right as I am.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the naked body, son. If you want

to take all your clothes off then take them off.”

“I don’t want to take all my clothes off.”

“I’ve seen you naked before, son.”

“Not for years you haven’t. And why are you talking like


“I’m just saying, that’s all. Your mother can be such a

prude. If it was up to me we’d all be naked in the house.”

“Dad, now you’re being really weird. Stop it.”

“I’m serious, son. I might take my shorts off in a bit.”

“You do and I’m going straight upstairs.”

“It’s not sexual, son. It’s perfectly natural being naked.

Why shouldn’t we all be naked together?”

“What’s brought all this on?”

“Well if you want to know, I was looking at one of those

naturist videos on my computer.”

“Oh yes?”

“Eh? You see what I mean? It’s all about sex with you, isn’t

it? It was a perfectly innocent video about nudists, not the kind of videos you

look at.”

“Shut up.”

“I know what you get up to in your bedroom, son.”

“Shut up, Dad.”

“There’s nothing pornographic about naturism. So yeah, I was

looking at it and I thought: that’s how we should all live, as nature intended.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, the naked body.”

“Well, that’s debatable.”

“You see, it’s remarks like that…”

“I’m joking.”

“Yes, well…”

“Just stop going on about it, Dad. I don’t want to hear my

dad talking like this.”

Dad scratched his balls again through his silky shorts.

Oliver noticed and this time he kept his eyes on his dad’s

package a little bit longer.

Dad stopped talking.

Dad and son sat there watching the telly. Oliver couldn’t

stop thinking about it, what his dad said. Dad was right of course. That was

how we should all live, as nature intended. The naked body wasn’t anything to

be ashamed of. Oliver would love to be naked in the house. He was always naked

in the privacy of his bedroom. He loved being naked like all boys his age did.

But the thing is, he associated being naked with feeling sexy. Whenever he got

naked his cock got hard. End of. He associated nakedness with sex. Dad may say

there’s nothing sexual about it but the naked body made Oliver feel nothing but

sexy. He would love to be sitting there naked now with his dad but no way could

he take his clothes off, for he was certain he’d get an erection right in front

of his dad. There was no way he would be able to keep that tender dick down. He

was fully aware that there were families out there who had no problems with

being naked with each other but he knew that if he got naked in front of his

mom and dad he’d embarrass himself with a boner. So that was why he just stayed

sitting there all hot and sweaty under his clothes.

They both sat there watching a film on the telly, Dad on the

sofa, Oliver in the armchair. Halfway through the film Dad fell asleep. He’d

had a couple of cans and it always had that effect on him. He was sitting with

his legs spread wide. He always sat like that. That image came into Oliver’s

head again: his dad naked. Oliver had never seen his dad naked before. Dad was

right though. There shouldn’t be a problem with nakedness. Why should there be

this taboo thing about the naked body? Families should all be naked together.

It should be ok and normal and natural for all the family to be naked in the


Oliver sat there looking at his dad.


Dad didn’t move.

Oliver called him again, only this time louder.


Dad was out for the evening. He’d be snoring in a bit.

Oliver got this overwhelming urge to try it. Right now. In

the living room with his dad on the sofa.

Ok. Go for it.

Oliver took all his clothes off, not taking his eyes off his

sleeping dad. He stood there in the living room bare arsed bollock naked and sure

enough his dick pulsed up into a big throbbing hard-on. He knew it would

happen. There was no way it was ever going to stay down.

Oliver had never felt sexier in his life. He had the

strongest cock throb ever. This is what would have happened if his dad was

awake. How embarrassing would that have been? His dad seeing him naked with an

erection? That was why he couldn’t do it, get naked in front of his dad, or his

mom. That was why he couldn’t be all natural and naked in front of his parents.

Imagine what they’d think of him.

Son! You pervert! Getting an erection over your mom and dad!

It wouldn’t be because he found his parents sexually

exciting or anything. It would be just because he felt sexy whenever he was

naked. Simple as.

He felt so good now, being naked and boned up in the living

room, he didn’t want to put his clothes back on. So he stayed naked. He sat

down and there really was only one thing that he could do. And so he did it; he

took himself in hand. With his dad safely asleep on the sofa Oliver had a big

hot sexy wank. It was the best wank he’d ever had. Halfway through his wank he

happened to glance over to his dad’s package. He could actually see up the legs

of his dad’s shorts.

Dad wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts and Oliver could

see his dad’s balls. He had to do a double take.

Fuck, they are well big!

Slowly Oliver jacked his cock, looking at his dad’s big

hairy balls.

Wow! Big bollocks, Dad!

Oliver stopped wanking for a bit just so he could get a

proper look at his dad’s balls.

I wish my balls were that big.

Oliver found himself jacking off over his dad’s balls. He

did it at first without fully realizing what he was doing. Then it dawned on

him that he was wanking off over his dad’s balls. He didn’t stop. He carried

on. This was well sexy and he didn’t want it to stop. This was proper hot wank

material all right. Dad may have known that his son wanked off over porn on his

computer in his bedroom but what Dad didn’t know was that his son wanked off

over gay porn. Well, this was sexier than anything the boy had ever seen on his


Oliver stopped stroking his cock.

No. This isn’t right. I shouldn’t be getting turned on by my


He looked away.

Fuck it.

He looked back. His dad’s big hairy balls made his cock

tingle some more and his hand went back to work.

Dad moved a little in his sleep, his shorts riding up his

thighs. Now, Dad’s big hairy balls were hanging out of his shorts and the head

of his cut cock popped into view.

Oh my god! I can see Dad’s cockhead!

And what a cockhead it was. Well big and fat. Fully plump it

was, shiny and purple. And if Oliver wasn’t mistaken there was a big wet blob

of pre-cum on the tip. Oliver leaned forward on the edge of the chair to get a

closer look.

Yeah. Dad’s cock is definitely pre-cumming.

Oliver found himself filling his head with sexy thoughts:

thoughts of slipping his hand up the leg of Dad’s shorts and tugging on that

big cock, pulling it down and giving that big fat head a good licking, getting

the taste of his dad’s pre-cum on his tongue.

Oliver stood up, faced his dad and wanked himself silly,

carefully cupping his other hand to his bell-end, ready to collect the

squirting jizz. His body tensed, his back arched, and his dick spewed gallons

of thick white cum into his cupped hand. The first squirt actually missed his

hand and almost hit Dad, splashing against the back of the sofa.

With a handful of his cock jizz he went off to the bathroom.

He emptied his squirt down the sink, wiped his cock on a towel and went to his

room thinking about what he’d just done.

The next day Oliver felt a bit guilty about what he’d done,

wanking off over his dad whilst he was asleep. He shouldn’t have done it. He

felt bad about doing it. He didn’t feel bad about it for long though. By night

time he was wanking himself silly again thinking about it in his bedroom.

A few days later Mom had gone out and there was just Oliver

and his dad in the house again. Oliver was in his bedroom and Dad downstairs.

Oliver had been thinking about it for the last couple of days, what he’d done,

wanking off over his sleeping dad, and he did think about telling his dad, just

to see how he’d react. Maybe Dad would get turned on. No, why would he? Why

would Dad get turned on if he found out that his son had had a wank over him?

Oliver was the gay one, not Dad.

Just then Dad shouted from downstairs.



“I just thought I’d best warn you.”

“What about?”

“Your mom’s gone out again and I’m sitting down here naked.”


“I said I’m naked.”

“You’re naked?”

“As the day I was born, son.”

Oliver gave a tut and shook his head.

“I can’t cope with all this weirdness, Dad,” he lied, his

cock springing up into a raging boner.

Oliver was naked himself and was now lying on his bed

stretched out with the biggest boner ever throbbing along his belly.

“We’ve been through this, son. There’s nothing weird about

being naked. I’m only telling you because I don’t want to be giving you a shock

if you come down and see me like this.”

Oliver jumped off the bed. He stood there with his aching

dick throbbing in his hand.

He so wanted to see his dad naked.

“I have a right to be naked in my own house, son,” Dad

shouted from downstairs. “And do you know what, son? You really should try it.

You’d like it. It’s very liberating, son. Are you listening, son?”


“Come down and join me. Just us men together. Get naked with

your dad. You’ll like it, son. I promise.”

“I can’t, Dad.”

“Course you can.”

“No. Honestly. I can’t.”

“Why not?”

Because I’ve got a boner!

That’s what Oliver should have said.

But instead he said, “Because I’m shy.”

“Don’t be silly, son.”

“I want to, Dad, but I’m too shy.”

“Son, come down and take your clothes off. You’re not

worried about the size of your willie, are you?”

“No I’m not worried about the size of my willie.”

“If it’s only a little one, son, it doesn’t matter.”

“I’ve not got a little willie. All right?”

“Well come down then.”

Oliver’s heart was pounding in his chest.

Do it. Go for it. Walk downstairs now. Naked with an

erection. Show it to Dad. Show him what it does to me being naked. Show him why

I worry about getting naked in front of him. He’ll understand when he sees my

boner like this. He won’t be angry with me. He won’t call me a gay boy. Or a

pervert. Or a sicko. He’ll understand that I’m a horny hot-blooded 18-year-old

boy with a tender penis that won’t stay down.

“You still there, son?”

Oliver took a deep breath.

He stepped out of his room.

He took a step down the stairs.

Then another.

And another.

Slowly he walked down the stairs bare arsed bollock naked,

his dick bobbing up and down, his whole body tingling with sexy sensations.

He stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He took hold of the

door handle and opened the door.


Oliver walked into the living room and displayed his naked

aroused body to his dad. Not only did Dad’s eyes light up, but so did Oliver’s

eyes, for Dad was sitting there on the sofa naked with his huge stiff cock

throbbing along his hairy belly.



Oliver just stood there staring at his dad’s erection.

Dad just sat there staring at his son’s erection.

“I told you you’d like it, son.”

Oliver smiled.

“I can see you like it, Dad.”

Dad patted the sofa and Oliver sat down besides him.

“This is the life eh, son?”

Oliver smiled.


“Sexy boy,” Dad said, tickling his son’s belly, Oliver’s

hard dick rolling back and to along his belly as he squirmed around under his

dad’s tickling fingers.

Dad put his hands behind his head and just sat there showing

off his big aroused cock to his son. He looked at his son’s cock.

“Nice cock, son.”

“Not as big as yours, Dad.”

Oliver was blushing big time but he was feeling horny as


“So…what do we do now, Dad?”

“Well…whatever comes natural, son.”

“You said it wasn’t about sex, being naked.”

“Yeah, well it can be. I knew you’d get a hard-on, son.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Of course I did. You’ve always got a hard-on in your

bedroom. You never stop playing with that thing of yours.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m not having a go at you, son. I was the same when I was

your age. All boys are. You love your cock, don’t you?”

“Course I do.”

“Well let’s see how much you love it then.”


“I’m talking about this, son.”

Dad took hold of his own cock and jacked himself off right

in front of his son.

Oliver’s eyes lit up. He grabbed his dick and joined his dad

in a mutual wank.

“Good boy.”

Dad and son jacked off together on the sofa.

“It doesn’t get much better than this, son.”

Oliver laughed.


Dad noticed his son kept checking him out. He had to ask the


“You don’t have to tell me, son, if you don’t want to. You

can tell me to fuck off and mind my own business if you want to but are you…?”

“Yes, Dad. I’m gay.”

What better way to come out when you’re having a naked wank

with Dad? Oliver had dreaded this moment, his dad, or his mom or indeed anybody

finding out that he was gay. He hadn’t planned on coming out to anybody but it

just seemed right telling his dad while they were both naked and boned up

together. For one moment he thought:

Shit! What have I just said?

But then Dad offered his hand.

“That’s cool. Put it there, son.”

“What? Oh…ok then.”

Oliver knew what his dad meant but pretended to

misunderstand and slapped his dick in his dad’s hand.

Dad knew his son was misunderstanding for comic effect

“Good one, son.”

But did Dad take his son’s dick out of his hand? No. Did Dad

wrap his hand round his son’s dick? Yes.


“It’s the least I can do for you, son.”

“Oh, Dad.”

Dad gave his son a slow loving wank. Oliver sat back with

his arms thrown over the back of the sofa whilst Dad gave him a long slow

sensuous handjob.

“Oh, Dad.”

“It’s ok, son. I just want you to be happy, son. I love you,

you know that, don’t you?”

“And I love you, Dad.”

With his hand going up and down on his son’s dick, Dad

leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Oliver turned his head whilst Dad’s lips

were still on his cheek until their lips were touching. Dad and son kissed on

the lips, Dad’s hand going up and down on his son’s cock. Then Oliver’s hand

went for his Dad’s cock. Father and son kissed passionately on the lips, their

hands exploring each other’s body. Dad lay back on the sofa and his boy lay on

top of him.


“Mom need never know about this, son. Or anybody.”

“You won’t tell Mom that I’m gay, will you? Or my friends?”

“Of course not, son.”

“I will tell my mom when I’m ready. I’m just not ready yet,

that’s all.”

“Son, you know she’ll still love you.”

“I know but…”

“I know, son.”

Dad was loving this, having hot naked fun with his gay son,

his hands sliding up and down his boy’s back.

“Your skin is so soft, son. Just like your mom’s.”

Dad’s hands gripped his boy’s bum nice and tight, and his

fingertips slid in the warm crack. Oliver twitched on top of his dad. Dad’s

fingers went in his son’s bum crack, teasing his son’s tight little hole, Oliver

moaning and groaning, slipping his tongue in his dad’s mouth.

“Does this mean you’re gay too, Dad?”

“I don’t have to be gay to have fun with my son, do I?”

“No, Dad.”

“I love you, son. That’s all that matters.”

“And I love you, Dad.”

They kissed passionately, rubbing their hot naked bodies

together, dick rolling and slapping against dick, Dad’s fingers now pressing

against the soft flesh of his son’s bumhole. Dad brought a finger to his mouth.

He got it wet with his spit then slipped his wet finger up his son’s bum,

making him give out a little squeal. Dad felt his son’s cock swell up bigger,

Oliver’s arsehole squeezing tight round Dad’s finger. Dad had his boy twisting

around on top of him. A finger up the bum didn’t half make Oliver squirm.

Dad had never done the boy’s mom up the bum, but like most

guys he’d fantasised about it. His son was enjoying having that finger up his

bum, and Dad thought: if my finger can make him squirm like that then imagine

what my cock can do to him.

Dad just wanted to make his boy happy. He gazed lovingly

into his boy’s eyes.

“Do you want me inside you, son?”

“Oh, Dad. Nothing would please me more. Please, Dad.”

Dad took his son up to bed. Oliver lay face down, holding

the pillow, waiting for Dad to give him what he had only dreamt about. Dad got

down between his son’s arse cheeks and spread them wide, taking in the

wonderful sight of his son’s most private bodily part: his pink little bumhole.

Dad got his face real close and breathed in the sexy warm musky smell coming

from his beautiful son. Oliver usually smelt of deodorant. He was forever

spraying himself like most boys his age. But this natural musky smell of sweat

and cock and balls and arse was so much nicer. Why do boys mask their sexy

bodily smells? Cock, balls, arse and sweat, that’s what boys should smell of,

not deodorant. Dad found the musky smells coming from his son down there

strangely sexy. He loved the natural body aroma of the boy’s mom. The smell of

her pussy turned him on big time, but this, the smell of his boy down there, it

made Dad’s cock harder than it had ever been. Did this mean he was gay? Like

his son? Surely. He was bisexual at the very least.

Dad got his face right in there between the cheeks of his

son’s bum and kissed the tender hole, Oliver twisting and writhing. It gave Dad

so much pleasure hearing his boy groan when he kissed that tender pink hole.

Dad kept his mouth between his boy’s bum cheeks. Into the silky soft flesh

between Oliver’s tight bubble butt cheeks Dad’s tongue slipped. Oliver had

never felt closer to his dad than what he felt right now. He pushed his bum up

into his dad’s face, and Dad’s tongue slipped deeper inside him.

Dad pulled his tongue out and moved back a little just so he

could look at the beautiful sight of his son’s tight bubble butt and the pink

wet hole between those spread cheeks. Dad saw his boy’s wet arsehole twitching.

Oliver wanted his dad’s cock all right.

Dad got on top of his naked boy and pressed the head of his

cock against that tight little hole. He pushed with his cock, telling his boy

that he loved him.

“I love you, son.”

“I love you, Dad.”

Oliver’s hole pulsated against his dad’s cock. Dad pulled

his cock away, spit on his hand, lubed his cock up and put it back between his

son’s bum cheeks. With one hand on his son’s shoulder, Dad pushed with his

slick dick.

“Oh, Dad.”

Bit by bit Dad’s cock slid up his boy’s bum. He told his son

to take deep breaths and to relax. Oliver took deep breaths and tried to relax.

Dad knew how much his son wanted this and he didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Relax, son. Deep breaths. Good boy.”

Slowly Dad worked his cock inside his boy, slowly filling

his son inch by inch, pushing his big fat cock into his son’s tender arse. Dad

gave it to his son, every inch of his cock and Oliver squeezed his bum around

it, twisting and writhing underneath his dad. Oliver lay there underneath his

dad, every inch of his dad’s cock buried deep inside him, his dad’s warm breath

on his neck, those four words in his ear.

“I love you, son.”

This was the most intense moment of Oliver’s life, hearing

his dad telling him that he loved him whilst his cock was inside him.

Dad began a slow fuck, gradually picking up speed.

“Oh fuck. Fuck me, Dad. Oooh!”

Oliver was gripping the pillow, his knuckles white, grinding

his smooth tight bubble butt into his dad’s sweaty groin, Dad now banging away,

his balls making a nice sexy plopping sound as they smacked against his son’s

soft-skinned hard bum cheeks.

“Oh Dad, that feels so good! Oh don’t stop, Dad!”

Long deep strokes made Oliver squirm. Each time Dad pushed

with his cock, Oliver pushed back with his bum. Dad’s hand slipped underneath

his boy. He wanked his son’s tender cock in rhythm to his bum fucks. Oliver

wanted his dad’s spunk inside him. He squeezed his hot bum around Dad’s cock.

Dad slammed one final time and Oliver felt it, his dad’s hot spunk pumping

inside him, his own dick jizzing up in his dad’s hand.

Dad pulled out of his boy.

They both lay side by side looking lovingly into each

other’s eyes, their cocks no longer aching, an intense bond between Father and


They couldn’t possibly feel any closer.

Being naked didn’t have to be about sex but both Dad and son

were glad it was in this case.

The next morning Mom was in the kitchen making a brew when

Dad walked in as naked as the day he was born.

“Colin! This has gone too far now. Go and put some clothes

on before Oliver gets up.”

Dad scratched his limp dick. He went to the sink and got

himself a glass of water. Mom’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw

her son walk into the kitchen as naked as the day he was born.

“Morning, Mom.”

Oliver walked past his dad, smacking him on the bum.

Scratching his soft dick, Oliver sat down at the table and helped himself to a

round of toast.

“Oh fuck it,” said Mom and she took all her clothes off.

Dad joined his son at the table.

Mom joined her husband and son, all three of them sitting

naked at the table.

Dad and son looked into each other’s eyes across the table.

Mom had no idea there were two very hard dicks under the


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