Me, My Wife and My Friend

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We had played with sex fantasy quizzes for some time and in some weird, deep thought in the back recesses of my mind I had hoped they would come true.

Both of us have struggled talking about sex perhaps the way we were brought up. After a good friend joined the lifestyle (swingers) our world had slowly opened up as I felt more and more comfortable talking about sex with my wife and friends.

One evening with our best friend Paul we were chatting about the taking sex fantasy and I never ever quizzes that we used to in college. Paul and I had known each other for nearly 3 decades and he was going through a nasty divorce.

Paul broke open what was probably the 5th bottle of Malbec and our conversation became quite “racy”.. We had discussed our deepest desires and opted to play a game of I never with each other further fueling the consumption of a good wine.

I never ever had hoped my wife would sleep with another man, my wife would have sex in front of me etc… after about 30 minutes of this hot conversational game the three of sat near each other and I dared my wife (Tall, blonde and athletic) to tease Paul erotically – doing whatever she thought would be a huge turn on. She put her hands on her chest and her fingers slowly moved down his stomach to his belt. She then grabbed at his cock and I could see he was very hard. He then challenged her to do the same to me while watching him. She did… he could only respond with an “ohhhhh” sound. I almost began to plea to them that I would love as per my fantasy to be together in a threesome.

She looked at me and he at me… I gave a most convincing glance to them. I even opted to start. Sitting on this super soft brown sofa I began kissing her lips and neck while my hands ran down her chest slightly tickling her nipples through her blowse. I then gently moved Paul´s hand to her leg and she let out a sound of erotic relief.

Within minutes I had her blowse unbuttoned and I was kissing her nipples with her bra pushing down under them and I waved on my friend to start kissing her. He massaged her legs, his hands coming dangerously close to her crotch (I was willing it on) and she then reaches down, puts his hand on her crotch and helps him rub. We both begin to take our shirts off and undress her as she writhed in enjoyment.

Stopping only to take a drink of wine I moved down to her jeans and began removing them. She almost refused to let go of his hand on her crotch until I guided it away. He quickly stood up and she grabbed his belt buckle and began to undo it pulling the sides of his jeans down exposing his underwear and a super hard cock under. She stroked it as my hands moved down her panties and I could feel she was super wet and ready.

Paul then tells her to take it off and she pulls it down exposing his hardened cock. As I worked her panties off and stepped back to take my pants down she began engulfing his cock. Sucking on it as he grunted “oh…” taking his penis out to almost slap her face. From there I from a short distance away could see him standing in front of her pushing away as he began to kiss her breasts now exposed and then moving down to her crotch fingering her as she writhed in ecstacy. Oh this was hot…

Wanting to watch and rejoin at the same time I moved back to her and she began licking my cock only letting go to express her desire for Paul to put his tongue in her. Her ass and hips bucked back and forth and she grabbed his arms instructing him to enter her. My dream was coming true as he began positioning himself, I readied to stand over her to enjoy the site and her mouth. He then enters her and she pushes her focus toward him leaving me standing there. He begins pushing and pumping, she slightly grabbing my cock only to let go and continue the fucking with Paul. As Paul picked up the pace she demanded him to fuck her harder and harder – screaming “Fuck me hard and fast”… Paul obliges as his cock buried itself in her. I was waiting now for them turn over so I could join the “spitroasting” but they continued… he blurted out “I Am going to cum..” and she said… “yes cum inside me”… as he finally stopped likely unleasing his load of sperm in her.

What a turn on… I then position myself to take her now and she looks to me and asks…”can you get me a glass of water”… umm ok I respond and as I go to the kitchen she pulls him out and begins licking his cock of all the juice left. I returned and they called it a night. A threesome of sort… but hot.

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