Black Man Fucked My Wife!

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I am Orhan. I am 45 years old. My wife, Sevil is 35 years old.


I am Orhan. I am 45 years old. My wife, Sevil is 35 years old. Sexy and nice blond. In August last year we went to Marmaris for holiday. We placed in the hotel. Hotel was super. We swam in the pool. And we swam in the sea. Everything was excellent. Three days passed. Our holiday was a week. We were enjoying our holiday. In pool we were kissing and caressing each other. Everything was wonderful. Until that day.

On fourth day we swam in the sea. We had lunch in a super restaurant. We drank whisky. In the afternoon we swam in hotel pool together. Again kissing and caressing in the pool. We were crazy. We got out the pool and lay. I was playing game on internet and my wife stood up and went.

She was very excited when she came. Pointing a man, she said this man wanted to fuck me and I didn’t accept. I said her, ‘Try this man’s cock. You taste different cock.’

She was surprised. She said OK and went. I saw this man. He was black. They went inside together. I wondered. I followed them.

They entered into man’s room. They closed the door. I came in front of the room. I hoped to hear something. I realised the door didn’t close completely.

I opened the door slowly. Black man was kissing my wife. After 10 minutes kissing, they lay on the bed. I entered inside one step more. I saw them competely. They were so crazy that they cannot see anything other.

Black man was caressing my wife’s bobs. The he began to kiss and suck her bobs. And then he was caressing my wife’s pussy. My wife began to groan.

Black man undressed my wife and himself. They were compeletely naked.

He began to kiss and suck my wife’s pussy. She was groaning. He gave his big cock into my wife’s hand. My wife began to suck his cock. His cock was long and thick. My cock was 13, but his cock was about 21 cm. I thought my couldn’t eat it. I would see whether she could eat it or not.

My wife Sevil made his cock hard. Later he placed between her legs.

My wife got very excited. He touched his cock’s head into her pussy. Sevil was groaning with open mouth. Black man inserted his big black cock into Sevil’s pussy in an attempt completely. Sevil cried!.. Then he began to fuck my nice wife Sevil with big black cock. At every time he was inserting big cock into Sevil’s pussy comletely. He fucked my wife about twenty minutes.

Later he began to fuck my wife from behind. He fucked about ten minutes.

Sevil was very happy, was crazy from happiness…

They together reached orgasm and lay on the bed.

I left there and closed the door. I went to the pool and lay. Half an hour later Sevil came. ‘His cock was super. I enjoyed very much. We are going out together.’

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